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Zone 6 Back = More Split Reps & Less Development of Talent

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January 11, 2018 at 9:09pm

So I'll be the negative one in the room who is seeing the glass half empty here, but does anyone wonder if we would see more strides out of our young guys, and more consistency overall if we weren't splitting reps with 7-8 receivers?

I think Mack could be a primary guy and have an explosive year. Yet, he'll once again split reps with guys who have had 4 full years of football where they weren't able to make an impact and separate themselves from the pack.

KJ was our best receiver, yet he too, is seeing partial reps. Most reliable hands and route running, by far.

Who knows, maybe even Victor could show up. Let's not even start on McCall who will be stuck splitting time with Campbell.

Forgive me for not believing in these guys, but we've all heard the hype for 3 & 4 years on how good these guys are, but have yet to see a full season with consistency. I guess we could hold out hope that a new QB will be the change the doctor ordered, but I'm not optimistic on that prognosis.

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