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Comment 22 Dec 2018
If you look at his "likes", he liked a bunch of replies saying he was talking about Fields. Tate is a gamer and I love it.
Comment 23 Nov 2018
I think in Saturday we see why Michigan's offense has been underwhelming this year and we also see the Buckeyes offense give Michigan death by a thousand cuts with crossing routes and screens. 31-24 good guys.
Comment 27 Oct 2018


Watching their defense shut them down over and over, limit big plays, etc, is killing me. Knowing the level of athletes we have compared to MSU, this is gross to watch and remember how awful we looked.

Reality is that it's all simple fundamentals that we ignored.

Comment 26 Oct 2018

With ya Hove.

The coach speak gets old. The fact that they won't even admit there's a problem with certain things is old. Schiano getting up and saying he sees good things and doesn't think you can change scheme 8 games in is a joke. 

Look, I know I sit on my couch and he's coached football at its highest levels for years, but don't piss on my back and tell me its raining.

Comment 22 Oct 2018
By the end of that game, even Herbie was calling out the plan to have the LB's walking up to the line. He mentioned how it's impossible for them to scrape across the line and make plays. Browning made a huge 3rd down stop on their 1st or 2nd drive... From his base position, 4 yards or so back. It's absurd that you could be getting paid nearly 7 figures, and it would take a loss and a bye week to sort it out and change. So f-ing stubborn.
Comment 22 Oct 2018

That was my first thought. 

Anyone can imagine there is friction this season just by watching what's playing out on the field and watching Urban....but the article literally only mentions their names and nothing else - no incidents, no specific disagreements, nothing.

Comment 22 Oct 2018

I wouldn't doubt this is happening, however it makes me laugh that the scoop cites "friction among the leadership and coaches" but doesn't really cite anything specific, just names Gene and Urban.