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So I'm Confused About This "Win Out" Thing.

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October 29, 2017 at 6:30pm

So I see a lot of people saying "Win out and we are in".

I'm certainly happy we won yesterday and think it is a great win.. but don't we need help to get in?

So here is my thought process and someone correct me if I am wrong -

BAMA/Georgia winner is likely 1 (assuming both win out till SECCG)

Then wouldn't the committee put OU ahead of OSU if OU wins out? Let's say they are 2 now.

Then we have... Clemson/Miami and ND to worry about. It Miami wins out, they are 3, no question, cause they are undefeated.. maybe even 2 ( flip flop with OU ).

Now, what about Clemson? If they win out, wouldn't their resume be better than ours even though they have a "worse" loss.

So that leaves ONE more spot. If ND wins out they would have a better resume than us, ESPECIALLY if Georgia beats Bama...

So please tell me what I am missing here. I'm just curious and am trying to understand.


EDIT: To be fair, I do NOT think OU and ND will win out, but still.

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