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Comment 28 Apr 2019

Saw it last night. Knew who died though as someone spoiled it for me beforehand.

I thought it was a great movie. I am not sure if I liked it more than IW though.

Stark is my favorite and it was sad to see him die, but it was really epic so... its cool.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

I certainly have been checking it. Seems fine. Good color too.

I certainly do not want to have issues.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

Ok, so I will get it changed soon. I would hope nothing would be seriously wrong with my car as of now because of this.

Comment 01 Jan 2019

I mean this game was kind of like last year's bowl game.

We build a lead and then kind of do nothing, only this time the other team made it a tad more interesting. Still, they won. Washington wasn't going to just roll over, they tried. It's over, we won. Good season. Great season. Can't win the natty every year and believe me I WANT to. Let's see what happens in the off-season with recruits and hires.

Comment 31 Dec 2018

Wow, didn't realize so many of you guys hate the Steelers. I live in WV and I root for them as my NFL team, although I'm not as heavily invested as college.

I also root for the Browns too just because I want to see them do good because they have been so bad.

Comment 02 Dec 2018
Ohio State won their last game by a larger margin than OU. Ohio State is slightly worse on offense but much better statistically on D than OU. Ohio State has a worse loss. Ohio State has 2 better wins. ND, an apparently playoff team player both NW and UM.. both whom Ohio State beat also and looked better. Explain to me how they shouldn't get in.