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10 Amazing Facts About the OSU vs UM Rivalry

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May 8, 2016 at 1:21pm

1. The 2016 OSU seniors have lost 4 games in their whole career, Michigan seniors have lost 4 games to OSU alone.
2. If you started the rivalry from 2015, UM doesn’t have a winning record against OSU until 1909. Example: In 2015 OSU 1-0, 2014 OSU 2-0, 2006 OSU 9-1. UM doesn't pass OSU in wins until 1909. (Hope this clears up the confusion in the wording)
3. Times UM has beaten OSU in the last 15 years: Two, OSU national championships in last 15 years: Two.
4. UM has won at least 12 games once in the past 110 years. OSU has won at least 12 games the past four years.
5. Since Charles Woodson was a 1st rd pick in 1998: 1st Rd draft picks- OSU 26, UM 10
6. OSU had five players drafted in the 1st rd in 2016, UM has only five players drafted in the 1st rd since 2005
7. Ohio State has 39 First Round draft picks since 1990....UM has 19 since 1990....UM has 39 since 1944.
8. Since the BCS started in 1998, UM has won 2 BCS/playoff games, OSU has won nine, including two National Championships.
9. The Past three coaches for UM has record 56-45, past three coaches for OSU: 162-33
10. Since 2001 (past 3 OSU coaches), 11 seasons have ended in the AP Top 10, UM has had 4 Top 10 finishes.

BONUS: Actual team photo of the last UM team to win a outright National Championship...1948

Have a safe and Happy Mother's Day Buckeye Nation!!!

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