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  • SPORTS MOMENT: "We've always had the best damn band in the land. Now we've got the best damn team in the land." 14-0!!
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Comment 20 Jun 2018

I NEVER root for TTUN to win in any game, in any sport. There have been times when I have rooted for a team to lose to TTUN if it benefits OSU (ex 2013 Indiana vs TTUN bball. we needed IU to lose to TTUN so we could win the Big Ten) but I would be happy if TTUN went 0 for in every sport. We don't need TTUN to be good for OSU to succeed (see 2014 when they were 5-7 and we won the natty). Every time they lose, it brings a smile to my face!

Comment 21 May 2018

Not fair to say he fizzeled out because he never got the chance, but for me it was Drushaun Humphrey from Toledo Rogers. The guy was a horse and one of the best RB prospects I had ever seen. He died of a heart condition the summer before attending OSU. Jimmy T then gave a 2002 Championship ring to his mother. Here is the 11w link to his story for those who never saw it. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2016/05/70301/searching-for-big-dru

Comment 18 Mar 2018

I know we won it all in 2015 but this team is head and shoulders better than the 2015 team. This team had 134 points and was second place. The 2015 team had only 102 when it won the Title. It will be a long time until any school challenges PSU again. We may see another 4-5 more straight national titles for PSU. Just next year Lee sophmore, Nolf senior, Joseph junior, Hall junior, Nickal senior, Cessar junior, Nevills senior. It's a disappointing end but this is the best OSU wrestling team we have ever seen and will be for awhile. I know Ryan is doing a fantastic job and this program will be very good for years to come but this year had to be the year with Bo, Snyder, and Nato.

Comment 09 Mar 2018

Only time will tell if this take ages well. Griffin may end up being an all pro player or a bust in the NFL. And no one with 100% certainty can predict the outcomes of every individual player. How many Ryan Leaf, Trent Richardson, Charles Rogers, etc takes were there saying they were A+ picks. It works both ways for opinions on poor picks after the draft that become hall of fame players. 5 years from now we be laughing at MF or be reading articles on why he was right and Griffin is out of the league. Personally, Ill be rooting like hell for this kid and I wish him nothing but success at the NFL level. 

Comment 05 Mar 2018

This was an incredible run this past weekend. Micah pinning Kemerer was the upset of the tourey and gave OSU huge points that they weren't expecting at that weight class. Nato getting past Lee in the semis was huge too. 

Question for Andy: Does Nato get the top seed in the NCAAs now? Love to see Suriano vs Lee in the semis and not have Nato go through both.

Moore looks like he's back to his championship level again which is huge for the NCAAs and Snyder finally solved Coon even if it took several OTs to do it. 

We have the best early 3 (Nato, Pletcher, Mckenna) and the best final 3 (Martin, Moore, Snyder) in the NCAAs. If we could get anything out of Campbell we have a great chance again in the NCAAs.

While we lost to PSU in the duel, we showed the importance of depth across the board in tournament competition.

Comment 12 Feb 2018

Those are fair points. I get what you say esp about Snyder. Last week I know he needed the major to tie the score and he was put in a tough spot knowing that he needed points fast and made mistakes he wouldnt normally make. Weve seen back to back matches where hes gotten taken down early in the first. Something we rarely see. He's also had a grueling schedule, wrestling all over the country which I why I say I think a match off would help him greatly down the stretch. 

Comment 12 Feb 2018

Had a feeling Pletcher was gonna lose one at some point the way he kept winning these close matchups. Nato keeps getting better and better coming off the injury but I still think Suriano is the best at 125. McKenna has gotten some clutch points to really build leads early. Campbell is frustrating to watch because you know how successful he can be as a former acc champ. I was stunned to see B Jordan give up that late TD knowing Amine had to get those pts late to win. Martin is lucky that third period wasn't 2:02 or he would have gone to OT. He's great but Nickal is in a class all his own. Great to Moore back to dominate form. That loss last week was such a stunner. And this is the second week in a row synder has underwhelmed against the really big wrestlers. Last week after talking shit about Penn St he goes out and gets taken down immediately and made it almost impossible to get the major, and last night he didn't have an answer for Coon. Synder does seem pretty worn out. He has traveled around the country and world to compete. Hoping we are up huge vs NC St so he can get some rest in front of the Big Ten and Natl Champs. I still think we see Nato, Martin, Moore, and Snyder in the finals in both the Big Ten and National competitions.

Comment 29 Oct 2017

Have to remember the rankings are based on who the committee thinks are the 4 best teams at the time. They know that if everything plays out the teams like Miami and Wisc with poor resumes but no losses will rise in the rankings as the season progresses. If Miami and Wisc win out, they are going to the playoff, no ifs, ands, or buts, about it. I think the committee will see what an improvement we have made over since the OK game and put us and ND in the top 4. My prediction will be 1. Bama, (unbeaten wont fall) 2. UGA, (unbeaten, better resume than Bama, nut wont jump them) 3. OSU, (ranked 6th, best win in CFB this year, will jump TCU, and Wisc) 4. ND, (ranked 9th, dont see them jumping OSU when OSU had the better win but will jump PSU) 5. PSU, (I think they will be 5th or 6th, Ill guess 5th knowing that if Wisc wins out they are in but these could be flopped) 6. Wisc, (unbeaten but shit ass resume, may be 5th tho) 7. Clem, (bad loss to cuse but Bryant back healthy, dont see Mia jumping them beating UNC) 8. Mia, (they are 9 in AP poll, dont see them moving much) 9. OK (Best win vs OSU but have looked pedestrian vs mediocre competition in Big 12)10. TCU. (Will be ranked ahead of OKST due to h2h). Well see on Tuesday. OSU controls its destiny. What a great win last night!

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Michigan fans are a frustrated, disappointed, and irritated group. They have been a 2nd tier program the past 10 years and have been owned by OSU since Tressel got to Columbus. They don't have the high school teams, YMCA, college of surgeons and physicians, and American medical to boost their resume anymore. All they can do is hang their hat on all their pre WW1 national championships, their all time win record bolstered by some of the teams above, and when OSU loses to other teams. Hell their best two wins the past 10 years have been OSU vs Clemson and MSU vs Bama. I can see why they can get on the annoying side.