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The Economics of Leaving Early - What Would You Do?

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January 4, 2016 at 5:14pm

I appreciate deeply the dedication these early entries made to Ohio State.

While I hate to say goodbye prematurely to these young men (I am a fan after all)... if I were in their shoes, with a Round 1 - 3 grade, I wouldn't hesitate to go to the NFL. They've accomplished the goal of a National Championship. They've never lost to Michigan. They beat Alabama (SEC pawl!) The beat Oregon (the sexy CFB pick every year). They beat Notre Dame (overinflated sense of worth to CFB).

In the two years of starting, these redshirt sophs are 26-2 (with the N.C. & Fiesta Bowl wins).   Do some of these early entries need to develop more? Yes. But they're already very good. I wouldn't mind getting paid to continue to grow in the football craft, would you?  

Just one year's worth of an NFL paycheck can guarantee financial security for life, with major positive benefits for your children, and then likely their children, etc. Alternatively, look at the freak injury/accident of Jaylon Smith in the bowl game. That's gonna set him back, though I think/hope in the end he'll be alright. 

Consider: IF they're moderately smart with their money, they'll never have a mortgage, student loans, or car payment.  Just think of all you could do, with a $40,000-year salary if you never had a house payment OR student loans OR car payments.  ADD in a college degree from tOSU and all the connections as a Buckeye...and you're set for life. 

My point - if the goal is being set for life (with solid decisions factored in) - you don't need to be stupid rich. You just need a nice lump of  $300,000 - $500,000 (which is what is at least the lump sum 3rd rounders get).  

I'd take that deal any day. What would you do?


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