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Cardale Jones

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January 15, 2015 at 1:57pm

Let me start by saying that Jones had a hell of a 3 game run. Just insane! The guy looked like Cam Newton and Tim Tebow from their Heisman days. I appreciate everything he did for the Bucks to win it all. That being said....

All this hype on Cardale as a good pro QB is silly. I said the same thing about REID FRAGEL when everyone was saying he'd be a steal pick and starting Tackle in the League. Yes Cardale has size, a strong arm, and can run. BUT!!!......

He has a few things going against him.
1. Hes only played 3 games..3!!!!
2. Hes in a QB friendly system under Urban..all his QB's look like stars..ALL OF THEM!! They do NOT make good NFL QB's. Simple as that.

3. He doesn't have it mentally. You cant have a kid like this as your franchise QB and expect to go anywhere. Newton is only where he was this year because of his DEFENSE and Stewarts play. All the comments saying hes the next Big Ben is a joke!

Many people wont like what I wrote but its the truth and you can reference this post in a few years.

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