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Ohio State's Mount Rushmore

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December 9, 2014 at 4:26pm

Land grant holy land is petitioning for Archie Griffin, Orlando Pace, Chris Spielman, and Troy Smith for the Ohio State’s proverbial Mount Rushmore that BTN is promoting for all B1G schools. My first thought was how can Woody not be included and I’m guessing coaches are not allowed but I think we should petition this to be changed if this happens to be the case. I can't fathom an Ohio State Mount Rushmore without the face of good ol' Woody. 
Archie is a no brainer, and the other 3 all have strong arguments but my problem with it is that these are all modern day players and because we humans usually know more about our immediate history than anything, we tend to give preference to these figures. What about Howard “Hopalong" Cassidy, or Vic Janowicz? What do you all think?

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