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The Opportunity to Change the National Narrative

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August 27, 2014 at 2:59pm

We all know how tOSU and the BIG have suffered in perception since we lost back to back NC's.  The only thing that could have changed that prior to now would have been a National Championship - anything less - betting SEC Arkansas OR PAC 12 darling Oregon simply wasn't good enough. Winning 24 straight wasn't good enough.  

Because the BIG is weaker and tOSU has the most talent year in and year out -- we must go in defeated and win the NC or nothing changes.

With Braxton out, though, people are writing us off.  IF we win 10, 11, or all our games with a frosh backup QB and a creative offense & improved defense, the national narrative will begin to change. Why? We're now underdogs, not king of the hill.  It would be a redemption story narrative and people love redemption narratives (See Penn State's 8-4 season under Bill O'Brien--which changed the national narrative e about PSU in the media).

So--embrace the doubt. With each win, watch people like Mark May start to give us props -- our coaching props, more players with props.  We will be a redemption story of sorts.  We have to win double digits at least, I think, for this to happen or 9 wins with a best down of MSU and Michigan.

Here's to national narrative redemption. 



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