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I'm ready to go NUTS!!

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August 2, 2014 at 12:02am

Man, it's about that time for me. I'm so ready for Ohio St football. I made a promise to myself not to involve my car before or during any Ohio St football game. I stated on some other post 1,000,000 posts ago, that before the game Msu game I locked my keys in the car = lost. I rear ended someone driving, making up work I missed during the week before the Clemson game = lost. I just wont do it...

I'm so ready to see to Dontre house some shit, rather it be on a kick off, a jet sweep etc! I'm gonna need to see my fellow Cali buckeyes M. Thomas and M. Baugh go hard and rep for us Cali Buckeyes! No pun intended. I can't wait to see a true freshman make a play, that makes me wanna say, damn what the rankings say this kid gonna be nice! I can't wait for press coverage and a mean defense, I can't wait for Spence, Bennett, Diesel, and Bosa and the rest of the rotation wreck shit! Eze, Samuel that's  a hell of combo! I can't wait for a tight end seem route, it always seems to be open! Can't wait for those white jerseys, Buckeye leafs, and just seeing the shoe on TV! I'm ready to go nuts!!

 I approve this message. 

If anyone else is feeling some type of way, please let it out.. Lol 


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