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What Would You Do?

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July 29, 2014 at 3:31pm

The season is nearby, but not yet here, so here's a question we're kicking around at work today...

2014 introduces a whole new schematic for college football fans.  With the advent of the playoffs, the regular fan now has a conundrum if their team is fortunate enough to be one of the four teams to make the playoffs.  Let's say you have just enough money to scrounge up to see your team in post-season play.  In the old days, you book your ticket and travel to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, or wherever your team is playing, and you enjoy the show.  But now, there is a possibility of back-to-back games in different locations.  

So what do you do with the following hypothetical?  According to projected AP rankings (debuting soon), the playoffs look as follows:  Alabama vs. Oregon and Ohio State vs. Florida State.  One game will be played at the Rose Bowl and the other at the Sugar Bowl.  You only have enough money to go to one post-season game.  What do you do?  Buy your ticket to the semi-final and just go there to enjoy the Bucks, or book your travel for Dallas and hope the Buckeyes make it to the championship game?

Interested to get your take.  I'll share my take shortly (to prevent creating bias in responses).


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