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It's time to stop clubbing baby seals

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July 22, 2014 at 7:23pm

After reading the tweets of the #1 OSU hater and listening year after year to ALL the OSU hating ESPN analysis,  It's time to stop clubbing on baby seals and schedule more than one killer shark each season.  The home state BroMance with DIV I powerhouses like Akron, Youngstown State, and this seasons Kent State (without Coach Hazell) is getting old; especially with the new playoff strength of schedule standard. No wonder why the B1G mandated ONLY DIV 1 cupcakes, Delaney knows it matters.

                 If an SEC team looses an early match up and wins out,their still in the mix. If a B1G school looses one game, we're out of the playoffs. A product of perception and strength of schedule.

Even eliminating the "little sisters of the poor" Championship Sub Division schools, OSU should implement Nick Sabans' idea to his conference at Media Days; to schedule only the "power 5 conference" teams as your out of conference games. If your scared to put your money where your mouth is, then at least add one more power home/away match up. With teams being scheduled five years in advance, who knows if Oregon will be good in 2020 & 2021; or us for that matter. Five years ago VA Tech looked like a better matchup than they do this season.

The added power teams will be security for strength of schedule when a down VA Tech shows up half a decade later. Let Akron and the rest of the "baby seals" play each other. It's the only way our team and the B1G schools will start "earning" their respect, unless your scared of the competition. And don't go there with a warm up game. Wisconsin's warm up this season is the highly ranked recruiting school named the LSU Tigers. Go Bucks!

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