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Warren Sapp

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July 2, 2014 at 5:24pm

What a piece of work this ass is and he deserves all the negtive feedback he is getting over not leaving a tip. Seems he went to a sports bar with a friend to to watch the world cup game and when the bill game for $69.00 dollars he stiffed the waitress.

He even wrote on the recipt BOYS DON'T Tip then he went to twetter to explan why he did  it claiming the waitress keep calling him and his friend boys please give me a f ing break thats the sorry's ass excuse i even heard off.

After someone called him on that saying your right boys don't leave tips but men do then he decides to had to that saying the food was bad and the service was worse. Sound more like trying to cover his ass with excuses.

I know my grandmother who worked for years as a waitress always told me you don't judge your tips on how the food taste but on the waitress. If she keeps your coffee cup full or what ever you may be drinking by comming back to check on them thats rule number one. Rule nubmer 2 is if she is friendly and keeps checking on your table if the place is not overly busy.

I mean it's only a $12.60 tip which is only 18% of the bill but these people work their ass's of for that tip because that is part of their pay since they don't make even min. wage or any benifits. Maybe im just to old fashion to get upset over how somepeople treat others because thats just the way i was raised.

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