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Officiating (An Introspective, Post-Penn State)

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February 8, 2019 at 8:05am

Some posters like to gripe about the officiating constantly, and they blame the refs for everything that goes wrong. That’s not me, there’s a lot of problems with this team and they lose plenty of games on their own. But I’ll admit there are times when the whistles seem very very fishy. Instead of speaking in generalities I’ll point to a specific moment in the PSU game that was absolutely absurd and could have cost us dearly:


With 15:58 left in the game we had 1 team foul.... by the15:33 mark we had 5 fouls! They called 4 fouls on us in 25 seconds!!! (All of which were very ticky tack and questionable).

This sequence seemed unbelievable to me, and as a bubble team in a game that we absolutely HAD TO HAVE, I thought we might very well have our season unceremoniously popped by the refs. 

Not sure what can or should be done to counter this, but Holtmann must be concerned about a lopsided whistle that seems to show up regularly in Ohio State basketball games.

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