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Basketball Crowd is Terrible

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January 18, 2019 at 10:32pm

This was my 4th game at the schott this season, and i have to drive an hour and a half to get there or i would be at every game. This post is not trashing the team. I love this team. Sure the talent may not be there but i trust holtmann and for the most part i feel our players play to their best abilities. I love my buckeyes win or lose. However i am going to take 30 seconds to TRASH our home crowd. Unbelievable. Not one time throughout the game did the crowd get on their feet. Every 5 minutes or so you can hear someone start to cheer off in the distance. I think twice the entire stadium cheered together but even that was half assed. I want our basketbucks to have the support they deserve. A home crowd can 1000% influence the flow and momentum of the game, the officiating etc. And the student section is pitiful. Albeit im glad they show up which is something they didnt always do in years past. But come on guys! Jump up and down cheer your ass off and rally behind our buckeyes. Seven nation army started playing and the entire student section was sitting down. I guess my point is how can we as fans get better about this? Its going to take a collective effort to get fully on board behind our basketbucks but this needs to happen. Its embarassing and they deserve better

*end rant*
Go bucks and be safe this weekend with the nasty weather storm coming through

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