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Improvements Thru 3 Games Vs 1st 3 Games Last Year

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November 17, 2017 at 8:50am

So I thought I would check out some stats to see where we may be seeing some improvement vs the first 3 games of last year.

Duly noted that it is very early and things are subject to and perhaps very likely to change.

1) Pts scored per game - LY 74.7, TY 86.3 - a 15% improvement, combined with allowing effectively the same points as LY that leads to an improved ,,,,,

2) Scoring margin - 8.7 pts/game LY to 19.6 pts/game TY

3) FT % - LY 60.9%, TY 72.2%, this helps towards the scoring obviously

4) Rebounding Margin - +6/Game LY, +16.7/Game TY - that is a massive 178% improvement, thus creating more possessions for us

5) TO's created - 10/game LY, 16.3/game TY - again creating more possessions

6) Steals/game - 3/game LY, 6/game TY - ties into the TO's created

A couple areas are worse though

1) 3PT shooting - 39.2% LY, 30.1% TY

2) Assists/game - 18.7/game LY, 15/game TY

Most other key stats are essentially even vs LY

Improving the 3PT shooting would also help the Assists/Game

It will be interesting to see where this leads as the season progresses


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