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Comment 29 Aug 2019

FYI based on their respective QB rankings as recruits per 247 sports

Guiton was #23 Dual

Hoak was #40 Pro

Chugs was #46 Pro

Guiton had offers from 2 Big 5 schools besides OSU (Kansas and Iowa St)

Hoak had 2 (UK and Syracuse)

and Chugs had 1 = WVU

so on paper at least a case can be made that Kenny G was a better raw talent coming out of HS than Hoak or Chugs

I dont know how either will play surrounded by OSU level talent and coaching, but to me they should be viewed as bodies in case of fire, not real options to win titles

and just for comparison's sake, JT had offers from 9 Big 5 schools other than OSU and was the #2 Dual QB that year and Cardale was the #10 ranked Pro QB coming in.

So to me I am glad they are here or we would be in some serious dire need of a back up QB, but Hoak and Chugs are both a step if not a couple below guys like Kenny, JT and Cardale

Comment 23 Aug 2019

I agree with Ryan here. I dont mind 1 all out cupcake, but to have both Arky St and Toledo in the same year to me seems pretty weak

Arky St may have a decent record over the past 10 years but they consistently play one of the weakest schedules to do it

Last year other than getting beat by 50 by Alabama, they played an FCS school, Tulsa, Appy St, UNLV, Ga South, Ga St, Louisiana, S Ala, Coastal, La Monroe, Texas St and Nevada and went 8-5

in 2017 a crappy nebby team beat them by 7, in 2016 Auburn beat them by 36, in 2015 USC beat them by 49 and a crappy Mizzou team beat them by 7

The last time they beat a P5 school was Texas A&M in 2008 who went 4-8 that year and they won by 4 points in the opener, so even when Malzahn and Hugh Freeze were there they were losing regularly to P5 schools

They are basically a 7-5 team who wins a reasonable number of games playing extremely weak schedules

So if a Toledo is already on the books then the next team should be a lower level P5 team, someone like Vandy, Arizona, Cal, Ga Tech, Duke, Iowa St etc, not another complete beat on

Comment 22 Aug 2019

OSU could schedule OOC games that virtually guaranteed wins with picking 3 schools who have gone as follows since 2000

Arky st 115-118

SJS 85-146

WKU - 73-78

AKST and WKU have at least been somewhat competent, but SJST is one of the worst programs in FBS

they are 3-22 in the last 2 years and had 14 sub .500 years just since 2000 and are nearly 100 games under .500 since 1993,,,16-46 since 2014

Comment 22 Aug 2019

Roku, and Yyoutube TV for about $50 month in season only then i drop it the rest of the year.

I get all 4 major local networks, i also get ESPN 1, 2 and U, plus the B10 network, covers me 99.9% of the time

Comment 22 Aug 2019

The last time OSU failed to beat a school not currently in a Big 5 conference in the regular season??

1978 - OSU tied SMU who was part of the old SWC 35-35

and the last time we lost such a game?? 1950 to SMU again who was ranked #10 in what was then a power SWC, and we lost 32-27 and ignoring the WWII years, the last time before that was losing to #1 ranked Cornell out of the Ivy league in 1940

3 more guaranteed yawn wins, they will be fun as all buckeye games are but frankly who cares

Comment 22 Aug 2019

Here is the issue with Pete's gambling that some folks seem to forget

1) He gambled on games he played in - not every game but some of them and the amounts were sometimes different

This signals to the mob bookies he was using that he had more or less confidence on a game by game basis of his effort and the outcome, ie when he did gamble he was advertising more confidence, and when not less confidence. Since he was a player manager at the time this is a double impact of potential conflict of interest

2) the same applies for his gambling as a manager only. since he didn't bet the same amounts each game and in some cases not at all, he again was signalling to bookies a potential change in the odds as he had control of the lineup, substitutions, use of relievers etc and could impact the game based on whether he had money riding on it or not and bookies could read the same thing into it

3) the rule is very clear, bet on a game in which you have a controlling interest and your gone, it was no mystery, he broke the rule, he gets his reward

4) he lied about all of this for years and in the process he bad mouthed  perfectly honorable man in Bart Giamatti for 15 years, when the guy couldn't defend himself and only eventually confessed when trying to sell a book and get reinstated

Lastly add in all the other stuff, He has never quit gambling, he was investigated for gambling on games as far back as the early 70's cheated on his wife, fathered an illegitimate child he refused to acknowledge until a law suit forced it. Cheated on his wife including with a girl reported to have been 15 years old

was know to hang out with Mob tied bookies an drug dealers, was convicted and did time for tax evasion.

He has been accused by former associates of corking his bat, purchasing cocaine, etc.

But to me just the implications of gambling is enough for keeping him out

Comment 20 Aug 2019

Wrong Brutus, I was a huge Reds and Rose fan. He was my favorite player

But in his own book, he admitted to betting on Reds games.

The problem is that he would change the amount of the bets based on who was playing and sometimes didn't bet at all.

This leaves implications that he bet based on what his potential strategy was for that game. 

He also lied about betting while he was a player and Outside the lines back in 2015 proved that was a lie too, even betting on games in which he was playing

Lastly, he was betting thru mod related bookies in NY, all of this hurts the game and it's integrity as he owed these mob bookies money so they had a hold on him

Pete was a great player no doubt. But he did impact the game negatively, and he dragged a dead man's name thru the mud for years when he claimed Bart Giamatti was lying when in fact he was the one lying.

Finally, the only reason he came clean was to hawk the said book mentioned above.

Now add in tax evasion, sex with an underage girl (she was 14 or 15 at the time), cheated on his wife and fathered a child that he denied was his for nearly a decade before a lawsuit forced him to and on and on

I wore #14 while I played in little league and HS etc, but to my mind, Pete should be out forever

Comment 20 Aug 2019

I used to watch games all Saturday especially from about 1997-2002. I would go to sports bars and set up camp and watch games all Saturday and sometimes even Thursday games. This became less frequent as my son was playing HS football and sometimes fall baseball and that would occasionally cut into the Saturday's. But I still often watched more than just a Buckeye game up until maybe 2012

But then I moved to the Philippines in the fall of 2012 and even watching Buckeye games became a challenge.

So I committed to keeping watching the Bucks but gave up most other games and since coming back to the US in 2015, have never really picked it back up.

Now and then I will watch parts of other teams games, especially other B10 teams who are coming up on the schedule, but rarely a full game.

Comment 16 Aug 2019

UC just does not scare me except for the in state factor.

Ridder was terrible in the 3 games they played against decent defenses (Ohio U, Temple and UCF)

In those 3 games he completed less than 50% of his passes for less than 6 YPC and ran for 2.3 yards per carry while they lost 2 of those 3 games and won the other by only 4.

I know he will likely be a little better but they are replacing 4 of their 5 O-linemen, so he may be running for his life if we otherwise stuff the run.

They are also replacing 3 of 4 D-linemen and their leading tackler from last year. Besides for all their stat success they played a very weak schedule last year which inflates those results quite a bit.

UCLA was 3-9, Miami O was 6-6, Bama A&M was a 6-5 FCS school, U Conn was 1-11, Tulane we throttled, SMU went 5-7 and took them into OT, Navy was 3-10, USF was 7-6, ECU was 3-9 and even their bowl opponent Va Tech was 6-7

That's not exactly murderers row there

so color me less than impressed

Comment 15 Aug 2019

2014 made many of us look silly.

I thought that after the Va Tech game the team would actually struggle to be above .500. We beat Navy in the opener but we were not impressive. The game was 20-17 OSU until mid 4th quarter, but we finished strong with 3 TDs in the last 3 drives to make it look respectable, but Navy actually had 3 more 1st downs and only 30 less yards and then the Va Tech debacle happened.

The later JT went down and again I thought, Wisky would likely beat us, and then and then as we all know

Besides 2014 though, maybe my biggest miss was thinking UM would beat us this past season. Things just seemed ripe for the win by the Hairballs.

We had frankly looked terrible for weeks, losing to Purdue, winning close to Nebby, an ugly win against MSU and a frankly lucky escape against MD, meanwhile UM was rolling over teams, crushing PSU etc

so glad to be wrong in both cases

Comment 15 Aug 2019

The difference the link misses is that Bryant chose to leave ie quit on his team for personal reasons, the other guys he mentioned like Nomar were either traded away or cut, i did not leave of their own choosing.

Besides Bryant burned some bridges as he left saying he wasn't given a fair shot and that his benching was a slap in the face

I have zero issue with what Dabo chose to do

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Peyton Manning threw 28 INTs as a rookie,

Drew Brees didnt start until his 2nd year and then was very mediocre

Brett Favre didnt start until his 2nd year and threw 24 INTs vs 19 TDs in his 3rd year

John Elway completed under 50% of his passes as a rookie

Warren Moon threw twice as many INTs as TDs in his 3rd year as a starter

Dan Fouts didnt become a regular starter until his 4th year and was still throwing as many INTs and TDs 6 years in

Joe Montana didnt become the FT starter until year 3

Troy Aikman threw 46 INTs vs just 31 TDs in his first 3 years combined

Jim Kelly threw more INTs than TDs in his 3rd year as a starter

So i dont put much stock in 1 pre-season game on if he is a bust or not

Comment 13 Aug 2019

since it was my post let me clarify

Yes people anywhere of any persuasion can be friendly towards each other.

But there is no doubt that folks who are conservative Christians who heavily support Trump, have different opinions, world views and at times even acceptable language in mixed company than do folks living in urban, secular, liberal neighborhoods do.

To deny that is just to deny reality

As examples - The area of Adams county that I am moving to is dry ie no alcohol sales any day ever, due to the conservative nature of the folks who live there, where the OP lived in an area likely surrounded by bars and social drinkers at a minimum

Talk of abortion rights in Adams county would get you ostracized from being invited into people's homes.

Support for ICE may get you some funny looks if not banned from liberal households.

What it effectively does is it makes certain conversations essentially "off limits" if you want to remain friends. Ie perhaps more difficult depending on your own personal preferences for those kinds of conversations

So if you are used to a more "secular" liberal style of friendship that you may be able to have in central city areas, much of that kind of conversation would be show stoppers in a place like Adams county.

If you came into Adams county and in someone's home started talking about how your pro-immigration, pro-abortion, think Trump is terrible, and that church attendance is not for you, then you will have virtually zero friends as folks there would simply shun you in private if not in public.

None of this makes anyone a "bad person". But if you are used to a more mutli-ethnic, liberal, cosmopolitan scene like a central city will give you, then moving to a more rural area can be a stark contrast and lead to issues should you assume you can just come into the area and "be yourself" as before.

This is not meant as a statement of support or not of either side politically or religiously, just stating the difference s please dont ban the conversation, it is just meant to point out that the 2 areas do have significant demographic differences that MAY lead to someone being uncomfortable with the actions, behaviors and opinions of those around them.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Depending on how remote you are some things you may not come to mind right away

I am moving to Adams county, ie very rural and an hour from Cincy and 2 from Columbus

1) Getting contractors to do work at your house is a huge challenge, Electricians, plumber etc. I had a guy tell me it took 3 months to get someone to look at his land line phone, i have been hounding an electrician for 3 weeks to come fix a bad breaker

2) stores - it sounds like you will be fairly close to some shopping but if more remote like me the everything is far away, I am 15 miles from a Walmart, 31 miles from a Kroger, and 51 miles from a mall.

3) snow removal - since I am not near any population center and my town has 1 plow, snow removal can be spotty at best, make sure you have an AWD vehicle and snow tires or you may come to regret it

4) depeding on where you are some utilities may be quite expensive, electric, water even internet service in remote areas are more expensive generally and sometime internet can be slower even at best speed than what you will get in the city.

5) neighbors - depending on your politics/religion you may find it a challenge to have neighbors who you consider good friends - Adams county as an example is 28K people who have voted overwhelming republican for years, very conservative, and Christian, so if you have liberal tendencies, you may have a tough time being friends with neighbors, they city of course can sometimes make this a vice versa situation and most central cities tend to be more liberal and secular and hence conservative christian may find it uncomfortable

as an example, Adams county voted 74% for Trump while Franklin county voted 61% for Clinton, and that's the entire county not just the central city which may have gone as much as 70% Clinton, so take Tuscawaras county that went 65% Trump vs Summit county that went 52% Clinton or Cuyahoga that went 66% Clinton, far different demographics, beliefs and politics

Comment 09 Aug 2019

I have zero issue with this as Bryant did some slight bridge burning when he left. Here are a couple quotes from him when he announced he was leaving

“I feel like I haven’t done anything to not be the starter. I’ve been here, waited my turn and done everything asked of me to do plus more. I’ve never been a distraction, never been in trouble with anything. To me, it was kind of a slap in the face.”

Bryant also added "I was just going to control what I could control and try to make the most of my opportunity, but at the end of the day, I just don't feel like I've gotten a fair shot."

Comment 07 Aug 2019

you can never be 100% sure of the decision making process but 1 of the criteria could be how far from home is the new school if you are claiming a need to be closer to home

The ncaa rule for this kind of waiver is the new school must be closer than the old school and within 100 miles of your home

Smith is from Huber Heights, OSU is 64 miles away from Huber Heights while UC is only 58, so this technically counts

Jones is from Olney Md which is only 15 miles from MD campus and obviously much closer than OSU.

Baldwin went to TCU and he is from Austin which is still 188 miles from TCU so still well outside the 100 mile radius

Comment 06 Aug 2019

So going back a ways, once Bruce was fired, the only years in which we have struggled have been transition years

Bruce's last year we went 6-4-1, Cooper comes in and goes 4-6-1 and 8-4, 7-4-1, 8-4 and 8-3-1 before righting the ship in the WL columns

so in those 6 years, we went 41-25-4 or just 61.4%

Cooper then gets fired and Tressel is hired, between 1999 and 2001 we go 21-15 or 58.3%

Then Fickell's 6-7 year.

So in those 10 transition years between staffs, we went 68-47-4 just 58.8%

Otherwise, from 1951 to last year we went 515-121-11 or 80.4%

Now 80.4% is about 10-3 each year

My guess is Dease is correct.

My hope is that Day at least keeps us at Tressel level, ie dominate the B10 and UM and be in the hunt for National Titles most years with an occasional National Title

The main difference between this other transitions and this one is that the others involved coaches being fired either due to poor on the field performance or off the field stuff that hurt the on field product

Bruce had let the program slip from Woody's late 60s to 70's peak and although we still won occassional B10 titles and battled UM well, we were rarely in the national title hunt by week 4 most years and in his last 7-5-1 in his last 13 games

Cooper took a long time to get OSU back to some prominance but did for a while (93-98), get us back near the top, but he was fired for a combination of reasons (off field grad and behavior issues, losing to UM and going 11-9 in his last 20 games)

So Tressel took a year to rebuild (2001) when he went 7-5, but then dominated after

Then Tressel gets fired for off the field stuff that leads to a massive loss of offensive talent in 2011 and Fickell's interim status in part causing sub .500 year

This time though, we have a top-rated team coming off a B10 title, with a guy who has 3 games leading the ship under his belt etc and not facing scholarship redeuctions, or fleeing talent or poor on field performance, so hopefully, this transition is better than the few i named

Comment 27 Jul 2019

OK here go mine

OSU was a 2nd teir program from about 1976-1992.

During this era, we were oustide the top 10 in overall winning percentage ranking 12th. We went 5-11-1 vs UM, we won or shared only 6 Conference titles in those 17 years.  we went only 6-9 in bowls and played in a major bowl only 6 times going only 2-4 in those games.

We had Woody's debacle against Clemson, a blow out bowl loss to Bama and a loss to Air Force in a bowl, and we had the following losses or ties at home to unranked teams (Mizzo in 76, SMU a Tie in 78, FSU in 81 and 82, Stanford in 82, Wisconsin in 82, Wisconsin in 85, Indiana and Iowa in 87, Illinois and Purdue in 88, and Illinois in 92)

Both Tressel and Meyer played much easier schedules OOC than Bruce or Hayes did which often led to an easier road to be undefeated at the end of the year. As I noted in another thread, nearly 25% of Tressel's wins and 18% in Meyer's era came against Non Big conference teams, where under Cooper, Bruce and Hayes they rarely if ever even played one of these level teams. And although you cant take the title away from each of them, Cooper may have won a couple titles if he had not run a gauntlet before ever getting to "The Game", go back and look at his OOC schedules from his hire thru about 97, I dare say had Tressel or Meyer had to run thru those schedules they may not have been unscathed against UM as much as they were.

The hire of Day was a hasty hiring decision. They should have interviewed at least another candiate or 2.  I think he will be fine, but this could be a massive backfire. Not counting Fickell, this is the first HC hire we have made for football with less than 1 year HC experience since Paul Bixler in 1946.

A sizable percentage of OSU fans are just drunken idiots who know so little about the game it is embarrassing to be part of this fan base at times.

Lastly, OSU football tickets are so stupidly expensive OSU may be jumping the shark. God forbid Day turns out to be a bad hire and ends up like Rich Rod and decimates this program in the next 3-4 years and we then spend decades with declining fan interest (like UM has struggled with), OSU fans often being so spoiled by our on going success, will potential bail if it were to take 10+ years to recover.

Comment 27 Jul 2019

1999 we opened with Miami at a Neutral site and then UCLA, both ranked in the top 14 that year

1998 - opened with 3 of 4 teams ranked in the top 21 with 1 on the road

1996 - Pitt, ND on the road, PSU and Wisky in weeks 2-5

now look at 1995 -

Opened with with #22 BC at a Neutral site

week 2 - #18 Washington at home

Week 3 - Pitt on the road

week 4 - #15 Notre Dame at Home

Week 5 - #12 PSU on the road

week 6 - #21 Wisconsin on the road

Week 8 - #25 Iowa at Home

6 ranked teams in the first 8 week, 2 on the road, another 1 at a neutral site and another road game against a BIg 5 team, and Cooper ran the table

1990 opened with Texas Tech, BC and USC

89 - Okie St, USC and BC

87 - WVU, Oregon and LSU

86 was Bama, Washington, Colorado and Utah

The reality is that starting a couple years under Cooper but really under Tressel we started watering the schedules down OOC especially. It was routine for us to play at least 2 if not 3 Big conference OOC teams every year

in 2002 (a schedule set before Tress got here) we still played 2 Big conference OOC teams, but by 2004, we were often down to 1,

2004 - UC, Marshall and NCST

2005 - Miami O, Texas and SD State

2006 - N Ill, Texas, UC and BGSU

2007 - YSU, Akron, Washington and Kent St

2008 - YSU, Ohio U, USC and Troy St

2009 - Navy, USC, Toledo and NM State

2010 - Marshall, Miami Fl, Ohio U and Eastern Mi

2011 - Akron, Toledo, Miami Fl and Colorado

2012 - Miami O, UCF, Cal and UAB

2013 - Buffalo, SDSU, Cal, and Flor A&M

2014 - Navy, Va Tech, Kent St. and UC

and this pattern of playing only 1 Big conference team continued until last year when we played Oregon St and TCU.

Although at times Woody, Earle and Coop played some weaker Big conference teams, they almost never played a MAC, WAC, Sun Belt etc level school vs nearly 25% of Tressel's wins coming against those lower level teams and almost 18% of the Meyer era wins

Comment 25 Jul 2019

So a few things about the Tressel squad

1) Nick Mangold never played Guard so thats a cheat, if you stick with either Bentley or Mangold at Center then the guard would probably be Doug Datish who was all BIg10 in 2006

2) Also Tressel almost never ran a 3 wide offense as his base offense, so drop 1 of the Wrs (probably Ginn as much as I hate to say it), and insert a FB like Brandon Joe

3) Lastly I would go with Donte Whitner over Will Allen at safety

Comment 16 Jul 2019

trying to come up with some other names as options who have actually coached

Pepe Pearson is the current RB coach at Marshall

Harlan Jacobs (db in the early 2000's) is DC/DB coach at Ohio Dominican

John Peterson (OLman from 87-90 and former TE coach under Tressel) is currently OL coach at Youngstown state

Rob Harley (S from 2001-2005, nephew of Chic) is the LB coach at Pitt

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Sorry just remembered another one.

Bill Long who played for Cincinnati Midland Redskins travel team in the last 70's when I was 16 we played them in a tourney and I went 2-3 against him again 2 singles. He would end up a reliever for the White Sox, Cubs and Expos for parts of 6 years with a 27-27 record and 9 saves in 159 games.

Needless to say, I was a decent baseball player in my day, but mostly a spray hitting singles guy who made consistent contact smart and made few mistakes/errors

I was a bit slow though and had no power, and a mediocre arm. Played some D2 ball in college before a rotator cuff injury ended it for me

Comment 16 Jul 2019

I was 6, just about to turn 7. We were on vacation in Daytona Beach Shores and from our hotel you could barely see the rocket on the pad during lift off. So in a way I saw it in person even if from a fairly long distance.

The launch site was about 50 miles away, but it was a clear day and a straight view down the beach and our hotel room was up several floors with no obstructions in the way. It stood 36 foot high and even from that distance you could barely see it on the horizon. Once it took off the fire coming from the engines was easily visible.

4 days later when they landed we were back home in Columbus and watched it on TV