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Comment 17 Apr 2019

As someone else noticed Jim Marshall was DE drafted by the Browns in the 4th round in 1960

Sam Tidmore who played back when guys played both ways was WR on offense and DE on defense and was drafted by the Browns in 1962

Comment 16 Apr 2019

So my worst case involves obviously #1 the line.

If it fails to develop, all the other skill positions may not matter

But #2 is WR to me is still an open issue

KJ is a given, but beyond him, someone needs to become a replacement for Campbell and/or McLaurin and Dixon

Parris caught 90 balls for over 1000 yards and McLaurin and Dixon combined for 77 catches and nearly 1400 yards and 19 scores

So those 3 were a total of nearly 170 catches, 2500 yards, and over 30 TDS

So far Mack and Victor have not shown they can be that guy.

Hill may catch those 90 for 1000 this year, but then who steps up to get his 70 and 885 from last year or McLaurin 30+ and Dixons 40+ catches?

70 catches in 14 games are 5 a game, Mack last year was averaging 3 a game so his production would need to jump 67% coming off an injury.

Victor other than the PSU grab has not impressed me yet as a consistent producer in this offense. He had 21 receptions last year which was actually down from 23 the year before. He needs to get to at least McLaurin level this year ie 40ish catches.

Besides those 2 you have Olave who showed some flashes late last year, but overall only caught 12 balls and then a bunch of newbies who may be great, but may also struggle.

Add in Weber catching 20 out of the backfield lost as well and that is a ton of production missing that needs made up.

It is unlikely Fields is as good a passer as Haskins as no one in school history was as good as Haskins was last year.

He likely will be somewhere near what Braxton/Guiton did as passers in 2013 ie around 2700-2800 yards, maybe 3000, mid to upper 60's completion pct, and over 30 TDs and hopefully under 10 INts. I expect he will run for at least 500 yards as well,,, and that would be a great year from him.

But it would be a drop of 2000 passing yards, which would need to be made up in the run game.

Assuming Fields gets 700 rushing yards at a minimum that makes up about 600 of those missing passing yards leaving still about 1400 to make up.

But you also lose Weber's 900+ rushing yards, so even if Dobbins has a near Heisman year and rushes for 2000 yards, that still means the other runners would need to run for 1400 to match last years offense as those additional yards from Dobbins only makes up for Weber's loss.

So my guess is that even best case scenario we have an offense like the one we had between 2012-2014, ie gaining 20-30 yards less a game than last year and hence maybe 3 fewer points per game

Comment 11 Apr 2019

As is always the case in these spring games, if Fields or Baldwin have a big game, should i be thrilled about their performance or concerned about the lack of development from the DB core,,, and vice versa

I will be watching from home this year but will be interesting to see as always, Go Bucks!!

Comment 10 Apr 2019

so 17% fewer mins a game, 17% fewer points, 25% fewer rebounds, 45% fewer blocks 52% FG pct vs 50%, 76.8% FT% vs 73.4%, 28% more turnovers and 14% more fouls

so by almost every measure a little worse than Sully

Sully may have also taken fewer 3's but shot a better percentage there too (40% vs 34.7)

Comment 09 Apr 2019

I think part of the Haskins potential drop is due to the NFL always being a bit leery about drafting guys with so little tape

Dwayne played in only 22 games in college. He also missed a big chunk of his Senior year in HS so he simply has not played a ton in the last 4 years.

So even though we know what he looked like, NFL teams can become a bit shy about drafting a guy so high with so little game experience.

Murray has not played much more but his draft stock is mostly being driven by the Cards love affair with him as i watch both Kiper et al say he could slip beyond 6 as well if the Cards dont take him #1

The best example of that kind of buyer remorse is Mark Sanchez. He played only 22 games and only 16 as a starter and was drafted with the #5 pick that year and has never been anything more than servicable. Pete Carroll tried to even warn him that he thought his leaving early was mistake and got a ton of flack for it.

None of this means Haskins wont succeed, but if with limited tape in interviews with teams IF he has not impressed them with his knowledge of defenses etc then who knows.

I have also heard rumblings about lack of focus on conditioning in the off season, which may be in the back of some teams minds

Comment 08 Apr 2019

I will say it again, but it time for Greg Beals to go.

He has had 8 plus years now to build a consistent winner at OSU and has simply failed to do it.

I am not expecting national titles from OSU in baseball, but being 62-64 in conference since the 2014 season should be inexcusable after being given 3 years to build the team of recruits he wanted.

Time to go

Comment 05 Apr 2019

Someone already caught Mark St John of Kiss, but also RRHOFer Gene Pitney also died on April 5.

Also a bit lesser known but Cecil Taylor one of the early pioneers of the Free Jazz movement in the 50's and 60's, pianist died on this date

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Not sure why Niblick got down voted but i tend to agree with him.

Basketball is not like football so it should not take long to "rebuild".

My basic criteria now that he is in year 3 is similar to Niblick

1) finish no worse than 6th place every year

2) never finish below .500 in conference

3) win a conference title during the regular season at least once every 5 years

4) Make the NCAA tourney every year

5) win at least 1 NCAA tourney game every year

6) make a Sweet 16 or better at least once every 5 years

These to me are not unrealistic goals for any program with the facilities etc that OSU can bring to the table.

If Sparty and Wisky can achieve the kind of steady success they have, there is zero reason for OSU to not be able to come very close to mimicking that.

Izzo has failed to finish at least 5th in conference only twice in his last 22 years and in both those years still finished .500 in conference.

He has won 8 conference regular season titles in the last 22 years or 1 every 3 years with his worst drought ending last year as he had gone 5 straight years without a title

He has won 6 Big 10 tourney titles since 1999 or 21 years or 1 every 3.5 years.

If Holtmann can meet 4-5 of my criteria on a regular basis then he will have a long career here. If not then,,,

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Its TV contract was likely very little money, so initially they have to survive on actual game attendance.

Their entire model was unrealistic. They were paying players 70K each and had 52 man rosters.

Since they only pay in season, that means spread across the 10 weeks of the regular season they were on the hook for just over 360K per week in player salaries

Coaching staffs likely added at least another 100-200K to that total. NOw add in stadium rental fees, game day staffing (security, ushers, tickets takers etc) and total weekly costs at bare minimum before traveling to a site were probably 1 million a week.

Now add in overhead (GM, Team President, admins, trainers, travel booking agents, secretaries etc) for maybe another 100K a week and costs start to rack up quickly

So since TV revenue was likely very small, ticket sales and actual game day attendance had to drive the bus.

To make $1 million a week, if they were netting say $50 a ticket after fees etc, then they would need to sell 40K seats for their 5 home games to help cover for the 5 road games, just to pay the $1 million then hope concessions, T shirts, hats and TV revenue covered the rest.

By week 3 "official" game attendance was already down to 14K and was never higher than about 20K. "Actual" game attendance was in some cases much lower than this "official" number as pictures on line show some games so sparsely attended that real attendance may have been as low as 4-5K.

That means they  may have been bleeding as much as a million dollars a week. That's not an insignificant some.

And as attendance continued to fall and TV viewership hung around 500K there was no future

The reason all the leagues fail, is that they cannot pay enough to attract real talent, hence why guys like Marshall who was unable to land a gig in the NFL plays here, but also they cannot afford to even pay what they do.

With Minor league baseball teams, the salaries of all players, staff and coaches is paid by the MLB affiliate, hence lowering the Minor league teams weekly commitment to just stadium rental and game day expenses.

And hence why with no TV, limited radio and 7-10K attendance they can still survive.

Minor league football will always struggle as the NFL and NFLPA have zero incentive to redirect profits to player development as that is done in the NCAA

Comment 03 Apr 2019

1) i dont care about the other sports than Football really

2) I like UM right where they are now ie close but not quite, ie good, win a ton in general, but not quite able to get past us

In the last 18 years of dominating the rivalry, UM is still ranked in the top 25 in national win percentage and effectively tied with PSU for the 3rd best in the conference behind us and Wisconsin

in 11 of those 18 years they have been ranked at the end of the year, 4 times in the top 10 and 4 more in the top 15. So at times they have been a very solid team

BUT, they keep coming up just short, ie right where i like them to be

Comment 03 Apr 2019

I will stand by my "get off my grass" complaint about this.

A university is supposed to be about obtaining a "higher" education, not a "common" education

First aid CPR Sports for spectators, aids awareness are common knowledge level, not advanced or higher knowledge

Heck the Sky Diving class does not even require you to jump. all you have to do is take 4 classes to "talk" about the subject and you get 1 credit hour

Compare that to a fixed income elective in the Finance school that is also worth 1 credit hour, a whole semester of class room analysis of fixed income securities, bond valuation and risk and credit analysis, that not something your common person can just teach, or the yo dude at the local commuter airport can run in a 4 day setting

Comment 03 Apr 2019

Actually a small correction the AAF teams have 52 man rosters, so 52 times 70K is over $3.6 million in player salaries alone that AA baseball doesnt have to pay

Add in another 500K or so for the HC and then another couple million for assistant coaches, training staff, conditioning etc, and now you have maybe as much as $10 million socked away in salaries not counting front office staff etc. Minor league baseball has none of that.

Not sure what the average ticket cost was but lets say they netted about $40 a ticket. You would need to sell 250,000 tickets to break even or 50K per your 5 home games ie not doable. Now of course there was some TV revenue etc, but that gives you an idea of how much they needed to make up in those other areas.

Most of these teams were drawing 15K max to a home game and at $40 a ticket that's 600K a game, for all 5 home games that only $3 million gross (not counting overhead like game day staff, security, stadium rental etc)

Player salaries alone were 720K per game, add in coaching staff and its another 100K minimum and they are in a 220K hole already.

That's why these leagues fail.

To really have a chance to break even at that salary structure ticket sales need to essential cover those salaries as TV revenue etc is not large for them compared to the NFL. So to make lets say 800K a game at $40 net per ticket, thats 20K attendance a game,,,then you have a shot at viability.

By week 3 the league average was "officially" at around 14K and thats almost certainly inflated as actual attendance at some games was perhaps as low as 2-5K, meaning concession sales and parking were badly hurt in terms of revenue

if your are losing a $1 million a week, very quickly this can become unviable

Comment 03 Apr 2019

This league besides not having an official affiliation to the NFL to pay players salaries was paying way too much for those players. Per ESPN in the first year players were guaranteed 70K per year. AAA baseball players unless they were a bonus signing baby make maybe 12-20K a year

Some individual players thru signing bonuses or having been on an MLB roster previously may make more, but most make well below 70K.

Further minor league baseball rosters only have 25 players, where these AAF teams had over 40, so these costs are hard to over come for any minor league football league

Comment 02 Apr 2019

Their economics are wrong for being a minor league AAA baseball equivalent

In Minor league baseball their Major League affiliates pay 100% of the player salaries including the coaching staffs. So a team like the Clippers they pay zero for the players and coaching staff, trainers, hitting instructors etc, all the MLB teams expense

But 100% of the revenue stays with the minor league team, hence the banners, special promotions, fireworks etc, all to draw in the fans, raise ad revenue etc

Many of them have a fairly minimal staff of owners, event managers, ground crews ie maybe 100 people total as concessions is typically contracted out and they just keep a cut

All that said most minor league teams run around break even, ie slight profits to slight losses in any given year.

Only a handful that draw really well turn profits in the low millions.

However you can have some success stories like the Dayton Dragons, the Single A affiliate of the Reds, over in Dayton Ohio who routinely sell out their 19 year old 7000 seat stadium (5th 3rd stadium)

They have sold out over 1300 consecutive games, by far the longest streak in any sports history, They have lead the Midwest League and all of Single A baseball in attendance for 18 straight years, in all that time they have won only 1 division crown and lost in the league playoffs and their tickets are not cheap running form 9-19 dollars

Comment 02 Apr 2019

some others who were borderline for this discussion include

Jonathon Wells - who in his first 3 years as a back up had a solid 4.7 TPC and just over 1000 yards but no more than 600 in a year, then in 2001 ran for over 1300 and 5.3 YPC and 16 TDs, leading to a decent pro career after a 4th rd draft pick

John Brockington - in his first 2 years ran only 117 times for 521 yards, but as a Sr ran for 1142 leading to a 1st rd draft pick by the Packers in 1971

Mike Kudla - who in his first 3 years had 37 tackles and 7.5 for a loss and then had 41 tackles including 11.5 for a loss and 9.5 sacks

Comment 02 Apr 2019

These kinds of classes are exactly what is wrong with modern "higher education".

Not that Ohio State is alone in this, but they offer a wide range of classes that most adults would maybe be shocked are considered higher education/credit level course

OSU offers 7 credit level classes in American Sign language ie something you can learn via a youtube search

Pilates and yoga classes

Credits given for being a part of a varsity team, ie if you are on the Football team you can earn up to 10 Credit hours just for being on the team and credits for being a member of the marching band, athletic band, jazz band etc

whole classes on sports officiating such as for baseball and basketball etc

classes on coaching said sports

there is a class called Sports for the Spectator - The study of various popular spectator sports including football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, ice hockey and others - seriously this is a 2 credit hour course in Kinesiology major, ie get credit on how to be a fan..

In fact the Kinesiology major is littered with credit classes in this nonsense - tumbling, line dancing, weight lifting, kickboxing, cardio, swimming, folk and square dancing, flag football, the infamous Aids Awareness, Alcohol and drug abuse, First Aid and CPR, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, stress management, kayaking, Lake Erie Sport Fishing, wall climbing, bowling and on and on.

Just remember that each of these nonsense classes requires hiring an instructor, having space to perform the class and general university overhead to maintain, ie increases university costs and hence tuition, room and board, fees and eventually tax payer support increases to give a credit class in pilates what the local lifetime fitness can train you in

Comment 02 Apr 2019

Giddens has always been a great physical specimen who cant play beyond 5 feet from the basket. His shot has almost zero range and is a good around the hoop defender, but in any kind of space he is a liability both offensively and defensively.

Taking his entire career to date he is barely a 50% guy from the field, and 48.8% from the FT line, meaning he has no range beyond maybe 5 feet.

He has been good at blocking shots, got his degree in 4 years and from everything we know seems like a good kid, but on the court he is essentially a rental body. His 40 minute averages is 10 pts, 8 boards and 8 fouls a game. In the first 3 games he played in at Bama he committed 6 fouls and 6 TO's in 22 mins of play ie barely half a game, to go with his 11 REB and 4 Pts

I know we need someone desperately, but Giddens to me would be real desperate. He had his shot both here and at Bama and has never panned out to anyting more than a Clarence Hammond level player (for you old schoolers out there) , ie he is at best a 10 min a game defensive sub

Comment 28 Mar 2019

It would be nice for my Reds to not be eliminated from the race before the end of April this year.

I too am cautiously optimistic and am hoping for at least a .500 record for the first time since Dusty was the manager

Comment 28 Mar 2019

I use Nord VPN and have been pleased with the service,

no tracking, outside the 14 eyes government tracking network, 24/7 support in the few ocassions when needed they have been readily available and quick to fix the issue, up to 6 devices at a time, works with Win, MAC, IOS, Linux, android etc over 5000 servers in 61 different countries.

expats in China use it religiously to avoid their detection

3 year plan is 2.99 a month, even accepts crypto

Comment 28 Mar 2019

The thing about that Matta class leaving is that none of them have been "good players" elsewhere.

Granted Lyle was hurt this year and did not play as was Mitchell so perhaps the jury is still out on them

But the others are role players at best

Giddens - played in only about 1/3rd of a 16-14 Bama teams schedule for a total of just 115 minutes, shot 36% from the field and 39% from the line, and had almost as many fouls as he had points and he is transferring again - to his credit he has already graduated

Grandstaff - playing for Div 2 Txas A&M Commerce - he played in only about half their games starting 3, he shot well and averaged nearly 8 points a game, but only played thru mid Jan, so not sure if he got hurt or quit again

Harris - is a starter for NMST but hardly a big time player. He averaged just under 10 per game shooting in the low 40% range form the field and 68% from the line he also had 3 Assists per game so solid contributor but not a star

Some other guys include the following

David Bell - transferred to Jacksonville U an Atlantic Sun conference team. He started most games (23 of 32) and averaged 7.5 pts and 5.7 boards ie decent role player

Derek Funderburk - played in all 35 games for NCST but started only 1, averaged 9 points and 4 boards off the bench for them so again, nice contributor but not a star

Comment 26 Mar 2019

Just to be clear i dont consider Fields mechnics bad as guys like Drew Brees does that cocking motion with the ball flat too.

JT's mechanics issue of getting the ball behind his head was much more problematic as it almost always would lead to mild inaccuracy as his arm would tend to come thru in a slight arc or near 3/4 motion due to the loading issue which means he wasn't always in a linear line throwing the ball to his target. This forces the QB to be otherwise mechanically spot on or the ball can tend to drift if the release point is not 100% accurate. JT compounded this arm cocking motion issue with what passing coaches would call a hurried front side. Meaning he would open his hips too soon, would hence tend to throw off a very stiff front leg etc

All that combined to make for less than ideal accuracy. he was a great athlete and hence made up for it the vast majority of the time, but on ocassions it would lead to passes that tended to be high and behind or low and away from his target.

Fields mechanics otherwise in that 1 throw looks very solid