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Comment 8 hours ago

To some degree, comparing schedules in the pre-season is kinda silly as you don't really know how tough your opponents will really be.

That said, OSU's schedule is quite weak OOC.

FAU is garbage, They went 5-7 last year have Charlie "the tuna" Weiss as their OC and was winless on the road last year. Okie beat them by 49 last year, OSU should clobber them

UC to me is being vastly overrated by some OSU fans. UC played a very weak schedule last year and the 2 supposed quality wins of UCLA and Va Tech were against 2 teams that finished 3-9 and 6-7. Their opponent's combined records were well under .500. with playing 5 teams with 3 or fewer wins or were FCS schools. UCF beat them by 25 and they got beat by Temple who lost to an FCS school, lost to a MAC school and who Duke beat by 29. They had a 16 pt win vs a Tulane team we beat by 43 a game in which Martell was already playing before half, UC should be little challenge other than the in-state factor.

Miami O - MAC and lost to UC by 21 last year is all you need to know about how bad they are

Comment 10 hours ago

So OSU football has always been my top sport with others below

Over the past several years my entire level of fandom has decreased considerably. That said here ya go

OSU Football - at one time I would have been a 10, but now maybe an 8

OSU Men's hoops - used to be an 8, but now maybe just a 5-6

OSU baseball - Maybe a 6 in the past, more like a 3-4 now

All other OSU sports - previously maybe a 4, now frankly don't follow more than a 1-2

Cincinnati Reds - Previously a 9-10 back in the Big Red Machine days, but now more of a 5

Cincinnati Bengals - previously a 7-8, now closer to a 3

Pittsburgh Penguins - (my fanship with them pre-dates the Jackets) - previously a 7, now may be a 2-3

Other local teams ie Jackets maybe a 3-4, Crew a 1, Memorial tourney - 1, Golf in general may be a 3, Tennis a 3.

I used to watch other college football games religiously as well even into the 2000's spending an entire day at a sports bar watching tons of games at a time, but other than it informing my OSU love, I watch very few other games anymore, so overall college football fandom outside the Bucks is maybe just a 5-6 anymore

Cavs while Lebron was there maybe 4, now nothing

MLB overall outside the Reds is maybe only a 3, NHL maybe 2, NBA a zero

I moved to the Philippines back in 2012 and lived there for 3 years and watching any American sports became a chore and hence I started limiting my viewing to only OSU football and a rare OSU hoops game, and since returning to the US in 2015 I simply have not restarted my fandom of these other teams at near the level it used to be.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

If I was the rest of the Pac 12 I would be livid with this.

It is hard enough to convince Cali kids to leave the state and go to Oregon, Washington or Arizona without then throwing compensation on top of it

Arizona St, Arizona, the Ducks, Beavers, WSU and UW would all be at a massive disadvantage if this was allowed to stand.

Not saying I am against paying players, but I am against 1 subset of teams having an unequal advantage, This is not much different than if some state passed a rule that their teams could have 20 basketball scholarships while the rest of the NCAA stayed at 13.

It would so dramatically change the landscape as to make all other schools non-competitive

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Votto is certainly struggling this year. Last year was an "off year" but even then he batted over .280 when the MLB average is usually around .250 so still above avarge and his OB Pct was still 3rd best in MLB.

Until this year he was not "hurting" the team, and even this year his Batting WAR is still just above zero and he has been slowly ramping up the offense

Comment 20 Jun 2019

So my take on the Beatles. There is no doubt about their influence on rock and roll and other artists. No one can take that from them as even the concept of a "rock band" ie 4 essentially equal contributing members really starts with them. Most before had been bands of person X and the so and so's like Bill Haley and the Comets, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, etc ie a clear lead person.

That all said, they were essentially a pop band similar to the Bobby Darin, The Righteous Bros,  and Frankie Avalon except, and this is a big difference, they played their own instruments so more similar to earlier rock artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry, etc. But style wise they were musically often closer to the pop singers of the time.

Their debut album (Please Please Me) included 6 cover songs in the 14 total songs including "Twist and Shout" released 2 years earlier, "Anna", released the previous year, "Chains" released the year prior, "Boys" released 3 years earlier, "Baby It's You" released 2 years earlier, "A Taste of Honey" released 2 years earlier all by other artists in the pop space including acts like the Shirelles

Although given George Martin's influence they often more a bit more inventive musically than other pop bands, they didn't really stretch what was considered Rock and Roll, until at the earliest Hard Day's Night in 1964 but more completely on Rubber Soul at the end of 1965 early 66. By this time other acts like the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Stones, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, The Animals, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Pretty Things, The Zombies, etc had already released albums that were stretching conventional boundaries, so at this point the Beatles became influenced by these interests and started including them in their music

Even Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited pre-dates Rubber Soul as is an acknowledged big influence on them.

So to their credit, they allowed themselves to be influenced by these sources and to my mind made them a better band.

My personal taste is that prior to Rubber Soul much of their music is fairly mundane pop, but after that, they made a significant amount of good music. I prefer a hard rock style and hence more into the Stones, Kinks, Yardbirds from the era and especially Zeppelin, Hendrix and Deep Purple a few years later

Comment 20 Jun 2019

There is no doubt that Mike Conley is a talented player. His issue has always been durability.

This past season marked the first time in 4 years that he played in at least 85% of his team's games. And he has not played in at least 90% since 2012-13 or 6 years ago.

He has missed 9 or more games in 7 of the last 8 years and missed at least 12 games in 6 of those years. This from a guy who hasn't been in a post season game ie extending his season in 3 years and only played in 21 in the last 6 years. So not like he has put the kind of wear and tear on his body as say Curry did playing at least 15 extra games in the post season each of the last 5 years.

So if Conley can stay on the court and not get bit by the injury bug again, he will improve Utah, otherwise, it may be a wash as they gave a ton for him

Comment 19 Jun 2019

To me this is very simple why 2018 is held in higher regarding than 2015.

In 2015 we were not the underdog, we were higher ranked and slightly favored over UM and add in that Rudduck got hurt and they played a sizable chunk of the game with Wilton Speight then pounding them that day was not a huge suprise as last year was when we were the underdog and lower ranked.

UM was 6 spots higher than us this year and we were anywhere from a 3-6 point home dog for the first time in years. Now add in that we ran up 41 straight points from the FG before half until the end of the game and the only reason the scoring stopped is we took a knee inside their 10 to end the game.

in 2015 we did score 28 in the 2nd half, but also punted once, and ended another drive on downs, so not nearly as offensively dominant

But to me the issue was more about expectations entering the game, ie underdog vs favorite

Comment 18 Jun 2019

The Reds this year are losers in a whole new way as compared to earlier years

They play in a little league stadium (and I am a fan), so as a team they should and historically have hit well

Previously pitching always let them down,

But this year it is the reverse

I have never seen an entire team not hit at all.

Suarez is what he is, ie a decent fielding power hitting 3B who hits around .260 and probably always will

But many of the others are having career level bad years

Votto is a career .308 hitter and even in last years slump batted in the 280's and this year even while being a bit hot lately is under .260

Kemp batted .290 last year and is a career 280's hitter just scrapping the .200 mark this year

Puig had never hit below 250 before and is .275 career guy currently hitting .229

Barnhart who was never a big bat was still a career .250 guy batting below .200

Peraza was .288 last year and never below .250 as a Red and is hitting only .217

Now add in the loss and Gennett and this team has no offense. They are batting 26th in the league in terms of BA, and 23rd in OPS. They have 67 more K's than Hits

But given their home field is a hitters park, their pitching has actually been decent ranking 3rd in team ERA, 4th in Opp BA, and 4th in Opp OPS, which in their field is maybe the best staff in the majors

Frankly, they are lucky that is the case as otherwise, they could be 20 below .500 instead of  6 games.

If they can generate any offense in the rest of the year and the pitching continues to hold up, they are only 6.5 games out of a wild card birth, so who knows, but the fatalist in me says they flounder in the 2nd half and finish with 90+ losses again

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Joe Bonamassa, or Black Country Communion 

Heart with both sisters, 

Tool (one can hope),

Ritchie Kotzen

And 1 I have seen several times over the years but would love to see 1 more time is Robert Plant. The last saw I him was several years ago here in Columbus at the Palace Theatre back in 2011 when touring with his Band of Joy.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Looks to me like that "we're not elite" comment is coming back to haunt him.

Probably for 2 reasons.

1) his team showed the rest of last year that in fact, they were not elite. Including losing to OSU, they went 5-4 down the stretch, losing to MSU, getting clobbered by UM and losing to Kentucky in their bowl game. Combine that with narrow ugly wins over Indiana, Iowa, and Rutgers, their only solid wins in the 2nd half the year was a solid victory over Wisky and a solid win over MD, so in fact recruits saw that yes, in fact, they are not elite

2) Many recruits may have seen that comment as throwing his players under the bus instead of taking responsibility for the loss - in today's game that is not cool. Combine that with other teams starting to poach, and they bolted

Comment 13 Jun 2019

I am going to have to agree with a bit on the assessment of Dobbins

He did have 3 runs over 40 yards as a Freshman, but only 1 of them more than 55 yards and was often caught from behind on long runs. Had a bunch of runs that year between 25-35 yards but far less so in 2018

He had only 1 run over 35 yards last year and in many games in both years, his longest run was less than 15 yards.

He has great vision, some power, good speed but not elite.

The one thing I will disagree with is lack of shiftiness, he most definitely has that attribute. But in terms of raw breakaway speed, he is just average.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Crumb, the NCAA is these 4-5 major conferences, they choose who serves and works for it, the BIg 5 dominate the rules committees, boards, investigation units etc, the NCAA is the Big 5, not some separate entity

The Div 1 Board of Directors is made up of Presidents, ADs and Chancellors from universities including Michael Drake himself.

The current head Mark Emmert was the U of Washingtons president and before that Chancellor of LSU. The former head Myles Brand had been Indiana's President and before that President of Oregon

In other words the NCAA is not some group of outsiders ruining the sport, they are the insiders themselves

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Pay for play blocking out poor kids who may have talent, terrible lower level coaching, limited support from the US Soccer Federation, no minor leagues like MLB and hockey have so there is no pipeline to develop in, no commitment to scouting on a large scale all means that potentially good players get lost in the shuffle and hence we struggle to find 20ish elite players. 

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Since I was the OP on the fire Beals thread this thread has me stumped frankly.

I know they want to tout his going to the postseason 3 of the last 4 years, but let's be serious. This year was a fluke, they got hot, and got some help from NW to even make the B10 tourney would have been outside looking in and all this post season "glory" would not have even happeded.

2019 - 12-12 in conference 6th place

2018 - 14-10 in the conference, inexplicably got a bid as a 3 seed and promptly lost to both the #2 and #4 seeds to be bumped out

2017 - 8-16 in conference

That's 34-38 in conference in the last 3 years finishihg 6th or worst each year and THAT gets a 3 year extension

Bob Todd finsihed 6th or worst exactly 4 times in 23 years (1996 - 6th, 2007 - 6th, and 2010 7th his last year), Beals has been 11th, 7th and 6th the last 3 years, and the leadeship rewards him. Even Dick Finn finiched 6th or worst only twice in his 12 years finishing 6th twice

I am just baffled at this decision. I could see maybe based on the post season run this year extending him another year, but 3?? seriously?? 5 of the last 6 years he has finsihed 6th or worse.

a 12-3 run down the strech should not out weigh, over half a decade of outright mediocrity

Comment 10 Jun 2019

the difference is that UC struggled when facing a tough offense and does not have OUR offense to overcome it

They narrowly beat Ohio U (ranked 16th) who was on their doorstep for a game tieing FG or winning TD but threw a pick to end it inside their 5, they allowed over 400 yards that day

They had a decent day against a mediocre S Fla team who went 7-6, 

UCF scored 5 TDs and a FG while UC only managed 13 points and Va Tech who with the loss finishsdsub .500 scored 31 and had almost 450 yards of offense

Sure we gave up some big yards ad points on occassion last year too, but we scored over 50 a game, where UC scored 46 but was driven by scoring 63 vs a FCS team

Comment 10 Jun 2019

okay so i have been consistent on this point that players should be allowed to tranfers whenever and where ever they want with the only restriction being that the kid has to be academically quailifed for the new school and if tranfering mid season, has to wait to the following season to play, so that said this guy should be allowed to go

Now given the current state of the NCAA transfer rules, this guy simply didn't quailify for the exception he wanted

1) has to be an immididate family memeber IE. Parent, spouse, son or daughter, ie not aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins etc - he wanted to be closer to his grandfather so this does not qualify under the rule

2) the move has to put you within 100 miles of where this person is you plan to support - he would be 190 miles away so strike 2, granted the distance is a bit arbritray, but if he wanted to be within 100 miles then he could have tranferred to Southern Ill which was only 10 miles away, or SE Missouri State thats about 50 miles away

3) even failing those 2 at times they may still grant it if you can show your role in that persons care is critical or your relationship to said person is closer than simply being grandpa and/or the condition of said person has markedly changed since you initially committed.

Now of course I don't know the details of #3 in this case but under the current rules they were unable to convince the ncaa that he needed to be immidiately eligible to support his grandfather

Comment 05 Jun 2019

shooting 33% from 3pt range is effectively the same as shooting 49.5% from 2 pt range

shooting 35.8% from 3pt range is effectively shooting 53.8%.

To my mind that is a fairly significnat difference. On a national basis that difference would be the difference between ranking 48th nationally in effective FG% and 231st. ie the top 15% vs the bottom 33%

If changing the line makes that much impact ie abut 2.8% fewer 3's made, then last year with no other changes, OSU would made 30 fewer 3's or about 1 less 3 made per game

Comment 05 Jun 2019

I will give some heads up as in HS I was actually briefly on the Reds radar

To some degree, you are correct in terms of maybe initial contact, etc

I played against Paul O'Neill in HS we were both Seniors the same year.

The day we played them a Reds scout was at the game primarily to see Paul.

He had hit a ton of HR's as a junior and hence at 6'3" and over 200 they had interest

As a junior, I had batted just over .500 (.508 if i recall) and hence finished something like 4th in the region in batting. But I was a scrappy spray hitting 5'10" 165 midlle infielder with little power and average speed.

I spoke to the scout after our game, (and after O'Neill spoke to him for about 30 minutes), and caught a glimpse of the scouts "cover sheet" on his clipboard (yeah that old school no ipads then), and it had a bunch of detail about Paul, and at the botttom it said "also see" and had my name with my stats from the previouss year that they got from the Dispatch I guess as back then they put HS baseball stats in the paper each week.

Paul went 3-4 that day including a 400+ foot HR and i went a solid 2 -4 with 2 singles

I also pitched in relief that day and faced O'Neill and got him to pop out to 2the nd base for the only time he was retired, (frankly, I got lucky, hanging him my rickydink curveball and he just missed it)

Of course, Paul went on to dominate the city league that year and I batted close to .500 again and made all Catholic League.

At the end of the year, Paul got drafted by the Reds in the 4th Rd, and I signed a D2 scholly and became a 50+ internet fan boy :)

My guess is that although technology plays a bigger role, this process remains much the same

The biggest difference is the massive amount of travel/AAU type ball compared to my day.

Now scouts don't go to many HS games, but instead, go to tourney's  so they can see a ton of guys all in 1 weekend

Given his ability, guys like Canzone may have been on several teams radar as far back as middle school now