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Comment 19 Dec 2019

Nothing like OSU or LSU of course but Utah has a solid record of getting DBs drafted.

2019 - Marquise Blair 47th overall

2017 - Marcus Williams 42nd

2017 - Brian Allen 173rd

2015 - Eric Rowe 47th

2014 - Keith Gill 116th

2011 - Brandon Burton 139th

2010 - Robert Johnson 148th

2010 - R.J. Stanford 223rd

2009 - Sean Smith 61st

2009 - Brice McCain - 188th

2007 - Eric Weddle 37th

 So thats 11 guys in the last 13 years or about 1 a year, again not our caliber, but not terrible either

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Fry's 1983 staff at Iowa was loaded.

Bill Snyder of Kansas St fame was his Offense Coordinator,

Barry Alvarez of Wisky fame was his D-Line coach,

Bob Stoops of Oklahoma was his DB coach

Kirk Ferentz who replaced Fry was his OL coach

Dan McCarney who would be HC at Iowa St and North Texas (as well as being on Urban's staff at Florida), was defensive asst, ,

Don Patterson who would be HC at Western Illinois was an offensive asst, 

Other guys who either coached with or played for Fry who became HCs were the other 2 Stoops brothers, Bret Bielema, Kevin Sumlin, Bob Diaco, Jim Leavitt, Chuck Long, Jay Norvell, and Bo Pelini.

RIP coach Fry

Comment 16 Dec 2019

I think this is no doubt a great record for us, but you can be consistently mediocre and still rarely be below .500.

Take BYU, only 7 years since the mid 60's below .500, but rarely even sniffs great seasons let alone elite or Washington with only 9 losing seasons (7 in a row at one point) since 1970, ie 40 years or Va Tech with only 9 losing season in the last 40 years

For most schools an occasional blip can happen, but how many years did you lose/tie 3 games or less, ie you were quite good that year??

For OSU only 14 times since 1960, have we lost/tied 4 games or more

Bama has 16

Nebraska and Oklahoma 22

PSU has 23,

Michigan 24,

ND 26

Texas and USC 30,

FSU and LSU 31,

UGA 32,

Florida 35

Miami 36

Tenn and Auburn 37

Clemson 41

Comment 16 Dec 2019

To answer a couple of the questions folks have had on here about Coombs

1) not exactly sure what his pay is a Tenn but likely less than $1 million a year, and he was making less than 500K when he left here. If brought back as a Co-DC he can likely count on near $1million which could be a substantial raise

2) his last year here he was listed as Asst Coordinator and CB coach, ie somewhat of a DC, the full title was Assistant Defensive Coordinator/Cornerbacks/Special Teams Coordinator

3) he was a quite successful HS HC during which i am sure he had  a major hand in defining his teams overall defenses

Besides people forget some of the names being thrown out to replace Coombs back in the day, (of course we know Taver J got the job, but there were some of the names being mentioned:

Renaldo Hill - Pitt DB coach, now DB coach for the Denver Broncos

Bill Sheridan - at the time unemployed but had actually been Urban's first choice for the job back in 2012 and was actually hired but left after a couple weeks to go back to the NFL, he is the current DC and BC so may be out of a job soon again

D.K. McDonald - DB coach Iowa St - still db coach at ISU

Anthony Campanile - DB coach at BC at the time - now the LB coach at UM

John Rodenberg - Former Moeller HS HC after Coombs left - now HC at Lawrence Central in Indianapolis

Chimdi Chekwa - was DB coach at Ohio Dominican - appears he may be out of football for now

Jeff Fox - HC at Nordonia HS - and still there

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim - MD DB coach at the time - now DC at U Mass

Demetrice Martin - was unemployed at the time having recently been let go by UCLA - now CB coach at U of Arizona

Steven Clinkscale - UK DB coach - still at UK

Fran Brown - db coach at Baylor - recently hired to be co-DC at Rutgers for Schiano

Marcus Freeman - of course we all know him

Matt Thurin - defense QC coach at OSU at the time - still at OSU in the same role

Comment 13 Dec 2019

My first college game was actually a small college game watching Capital play Otterbein somewhere around 1969.

The first big school game was Art Schlichter's debut against PSU in 1978. He played Terribly and we lost 19-0

The next game was not until the 1981 opener against Duke which we won 34-13, Art S again, Gary Williams, john Frank, Cederic Anderson and Tim Spencer on offense. But the defense that year was pretty weak.

I vaguely recall the game being fairly close into the 2nd half (i may be quite wrong on that though as its quite foggy), but Duke's QB Ben Bennett got hurt and OSU seemed to dominate after that, again very foggy

Comment 11 Dec 2019

I dont know the details for sure, but sometimes guys like Tate, who while in HS was surrounded by several guys who play at the FBS level and then at OSU by a de facto NFL expansion team, it can mask shortcomings.

So even though he looked great in HS and in limited mop up duty at OSU, once he got to Miami and the talent level was significantly lower, perhaps those shortcomings manifested themselves and caused him to not win the job.

Now add in that since 8th grade he has been told he is Moses ad Jesus combined, and that can suddenly devastate you, shatter your confidence and your done

Comment 11 Dec 2019

I think MSU is going to get housed by Wake.

Granted the Deacons didn't play the toughest schedule but they have a good offense having scored 35 or more in 6 games and averaging nearly 33 a game and MSU has shown all year that they cannot score on anyone,,when you score only 46 points against Maryland and Rutgers in back to back weeks with the MD game a home, ie 23 a game against 2 of the worst defensive teams in America, your offense is just terrible

Maybe MSU's defense can hold Wake to less than 30, but unless they right their offensive ship i dont see MSU scoring more than 28 themselves

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Dennis may or may not be any good as a coach, but unlike Hartline who had NFL experience this guy did, in fact, get his job because he was Meyer's son in law and the fact Day kept him on in Quality Control means little to me as he has zero other coaching experience, and rarely played other than special teams at Ga tech with 1 carry, 1 reception and 2 PR's on his career.

If he were not Meyer's family, he likely would have gone the Kenny Guiton route and toiled at some lower-level school and worked his way up the food chain.

To my mind, he has split time between receivers and QBs and never really coached and hardly played since HS

I would much rather hire a proven TE coach Like morgan Turner at Stanford

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Clemson, Oklahoma, and MSU losses are to some degree understandable as in each of those cases it was a very good team on the other side of the field

Even Iowa in 2017 wasn't as bad as we think, Road game against a team that went 8-5 and won a bowl, sure the score makes it look worse but sometimes sh!te happens in college football

Purdue to me is baffling

We played terrible on both sides of the ball against a team that finished sub .500

Purdue after beating us would lose to MSU, squeak by Iowa, get routed by MInny, lose in OT to Wisky, and squeak by Indiana to become bowl eligible just get de-cleated against Auburn and lose by nearly 50 points

They scored their high point total of the season against us, and held us to 6 points until there was less than 10 minutes to go in the game and by then we were already down by 15 even after that first TD

Losing to a good team will happen from time to time and losing to a mediocre team like Iowa maybe once a decade when on the road and everything just goes there way, but we should never lose by over 4 TDs to a sub .500 team,,,EVER

Comment 04 Dec 2019

3 cupcakes, 3 wins, beat 2 of 3 against MD, Indiana or MSU each year, at least 2 more wins, win a cross division game, at least 1 more.

I think this should be considered Rutgers minimum, ie 6 wins a bad year 4-5 wins, there is no reason given how down MSU is now and Indiana always being just mediocre that this could not happen on a routine basis there

Put together a good enough team and win 3 games on your side of the division and 2 on the other and i could see 8 wins, 9 is a stretch of course but could maybe be done

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I will always like Mark D for helping us win in 2002, but his success at MSU had as much to do with the failures at PSU and UM than anything he did

His best years were 2010-2015 when he went 65-16, that's impressive. he won 3 Big Ten titles in those 6 years

BUT, UM in those years went only 48-29 or 8-6 on average and PSU went 45-31 or 7-5 so both were down, once Harbaugh and Franklin arrived at each school, (Harbaugh in 2015 and Franklin in 2014) and started rebuilding their teams to closer to historical levels, Dantonio started losing out on recruits and the results show as he is barely above .500 over the last 4 years

To that end I wish him no ill will, but maybe its time for a change at the top there

Comment 27 Nov 2019

So my first memories of the rivalry are from 1968.

From then until Tressel arrived UM in my memory held a huge advantage with OSU's record vs them from 1968-2000 being only 12-19-2

Even ignoring Cooper's performance that still leaves it at 10-9-1 under Woody's last years and Bruce, so essentially even.

So yes since Tress arrived we have dominated the rivalry, but I still have memories of 69, 73, 77, 80, 93, 95, 96, 98 and 03, when a Buckeye team ranked in the top 7 lost or tied them

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I am always nervous this week.

Last year tough, given how poorly we had played from Purdue thru MD I was fairly convinced UM was going to win last year.

Nebraska had been competitive to the last minute, as Haskins have an off game and only completed 56% of his passes and threw a pick.

MSU we beat by a reasonable margin but the game was sloppy and ugly and we won more due to MSU being incompetent than due to anything we had done as that game was 7-6 late in the 3rd quarter and then MSU imploded giving up 2 fumbles for a safety and then a TD in the span of about 3 minutes and then throw a pick later to give us a short field to punch one in for the final 26-6 margin, hardly impressive and MD frankly could have been a loss if their QB doesnt simply miss a wide open guy on the 2pt conversion attempt.

So i had little faith in our boys coming into that week, while UM came in looking very good on a 10 game win streak, and had beaten both MSU and PSU much better than we had. So last years result was very satisfying.

This year, still nervous as UM seems to have righted their Offense, have their typical stout defense, its at their place and the weather could be a factor as well. I have a bit more confidence this year, if only because our defense has been strong all year regardless of opponent and i think we will do the same this Saturday,

But,,,, you never know

I do think given the potential for bad weather it will be lower scoring than many are predicting, i think it will be something like 24-14

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Great pictures but the only thing that concerns me anymore about OSU hoops is the lack of fan support

The pictures here show it, that the attendance was only 8800 in our old arena that holds 13K+, so only 2/3rds full. Sad state of affairs when we have an undefeated highly ranked team and we cant draw even 10K

Hope people will one day come back to watching the games in person

Comment 23 Nov 2019

I told a couple people after this game, that assuming we can win out, we wont hardly remember this supposed "bad" day.

We beat a top 10 team by 11 in mediocre to poor weather conditions.

This late in the year it is just win baby, margin is irrelevant, seeding in the playoffs is irrelevant as it confers no home field advantage, just win and get in and keep winning.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

You guys are so severely under rating PSU's D line its weird. PSU came into the game ranked 11 in sacks, 4th in Rushing Defense, 14th in TFL and 30th in Pass Eff D, they are a legit defense, and as others have noted, if not for the 3 scores we gave up due to TO's we statistically dominated that D.

We completed nearly 73% of our passes, ran for nearly 230 yards even giving up sacks and being hype conservative down the stretch. And we dominated TOP by 9 minutes.

Yes we allowed 6 sacks but at least 3 of those are on Fields and not the line. PSU is legit, maybe not a juggernaut on offense but they are a legit D

Comment 21 Nov 2019

From story the Dispatch ran just a couple months after Urban was suspended

Drake was given a raise and a 20% bonus at that time and noted for his record breaking fund raising among other leadership goals and also stated the following:

"As a board, we want to confirm our continued support and alignment with your guidance and achievement of our strategic goals"

Nuff said the man according to the Board, who he eventually reports to (not you and me), siad he was doing a great job

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Just from a competition stand point Rutgers has been a disaster. But MD has been a reasonable addition overall

Rutgers has been bad at nearly every sport. Take this past year's conference records. Baseball = 9-14 10th place, M-Basketball = 7-13 Tied 10th, M-Lacrosse = 2-3 4th out of 6 teams, M-Soccer = 1-6-1 tied for last, Wrestling 5-4 7th, W-Gymnastics = 2-7 next to last, Field Hockey = 4-4 5th out of 10, W-Lacrosse = 0-6 Last, Softball = 11-12 6th, W-Tennis - 9-12 next to last, W Volleyball = 2-12 next to last

Women's Hoops and W-Soccer have been the only shining hope where they finished 13-5 and 3rd place last year in hoops and 8-2-1 and tied for 2nd in Soccer.

MD on the other hand has been far more balance

Baseball = 12-12 tied for 6th, M-Hoops = 13-7 5th, M-Lacrosse 3-2 T 2nd, M-Soccer = 3-3-2 4th out of 10, Wrestling = 0-9-0 last, W-Hoops = 15-3 1st, W-Gymnastics = 3-6 6th out of 10, Field Hockey - 7-1 1st, W-Lacrosse = 6-0 1st,  W-Soccer = 5-5-1 6th, Softball = 4-19 last, W-Tennis = 3-18 last, W-Volleyball = 4-10 10th

I am fine with MD, Rutgers could be replaced by Ohio U and I would be fine with that