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Wildest CFB Conspiracy Theories/rumors That You've Heard?

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September 29, 2023 at 2:04pm

For me it's as follows:

  • Troy Smith threw the 2007 NC against Florida because he was approached by loan sharks before the game and asked to throw it for a hefty sum. Also supposedly he was sleeping around with Anthony Gonzalez's gf at the time which led to a huge fight in the locker room before the game.
  • Meyer didn't resign at Florida due to health concerns. He supposedly was fooling around with co-eds on campus and he and Shelley needed to get away from the environment in Gainesville in order to work on their marriage and put the family back together.
  • Most of the upperclassmen on the 2008 team hated Pryor (the receivers especially because he was so inaccurate throwing the ball and it was hurting their production).
  • Lane Kiffin was fired at Alabama because he was supposedly having a sexual relationship with Saban's daughter and Saban found out about it.
  • Ed Orgeron became a straight up womanizer after his divorce and slept with multiple BoT members' wives during his final year at LSU which was what led to his dismissal.
  • Lloyd Carr has been pulling the strings behind the scenes for the Michigan football program ever since he retired. He kept them from hiring Les Miles because he hated him (which was what led to Rodriguez being hired instead) and he proceeded to sabotage the program under RichRod by encouraging guys like Ryan Mallett and Justin Boren to transfer elsewhere shortly after RichRod took over (supposedly he had a good relationship with Tressel and told Justin that Tressel would take good care of him which was what led to Justin and later his brothers coming to Ohio State). 
  • Fickell wanted to fire Bollman as OC in 2011 immediately after he took over as interim HC but the administration told him no. Only coaching change he was allowed to make was hiring Vrabel to coach the LBs.
  • Ohio State was already looking to replace Tressel going into 2011 with Meyer being available. Tattoogate just made it more convenient for them to do that.
  • Nebraska's win over Ohio State in 2011 (and Bo Pelini's infamous rant against the Nebraska fans after that game) was Bo's way of trying to audition for the Ohio State job (since he used to play here).

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