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Grew up watching the John Cooper Buckeyes so needless to say all of these recent wins over scUM have been quite refreshing.


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Comment 3 hours ago
I recognize the reality. It's the air in which he said it that bothered me. He basically implied that B1G teams in general don't belong in the CFP and are out of their depth there. Exactly two teams from the south have won the CFP. Alabama and Clemson (both twice). OSU won it the first year of existence. To say like he did that OSU is at a disadvantage because they're a northern team is just asinine and ignorant on Fowler's part.
Comment 5 hours ago
Lawrence can run too so we can't exactly take him lightly there. It's the non-designed QB runs that have hurt our defense the most this season. Most of Hurts's running is on designed QB runs which the defenses can prepare better for.
Comment 7 hours ago
During the selection show interview with both of them today Day was having absolutely none of Dabo's bullshit flattery. To me that's a good sign that he wants to take it to Clemson in the worst way imaginable. I sincerely hope the Clemson players are approaching this game thinking Fields is just another J.T. Barrett. They're going to lose if they take that approach.
Comment 8 hours ago
Watch the interview ESPN did with both Day and Dabo today after the selection. Dabo was completely full of flattery and bullshit, complimenting OSU and trying to butter Day up. Day was just sitting there with a stone cold assassin's look on his face through the whole thing. He's officially obsessed with beating the fuck out of Dabo and his boys as of today. I don't see a coach that fears Clemson in any way.
Comment 12 hours ago
If Hilliard returns to OSU next season he'll be the frontrunner to start in Harrison's spot from the get go based on experience alone (the snaps he's played this year have been invaluable for him). Dallas Gant I believe is the third MLB right now behind Borland and Browning and Teradja Mitchell currently is third string behind Harrison and K'Vaughan Pope (who has admittedly looked good in garbage time this year). Hilliard has invaluable game reps on defense that both Pope and Mitchell don't have so my money's on him taking over Harrison's role next year.
Comment 12 hours ago
The ACC could become more competitive down the road depending on how Mack Brown is able to turn UNC around (he's already off to a good start there). Also we don't yet what FSU will look like under Mike Norvell (who was just hired there). Louisville is also already off to a good start under Scott Satterfield considering the disastrous state the program was left in by Petrino (going 7-5 and finishing second in the ACC Atlantic Division was nothing short of remarkable). None of those programs are close to Clemson right now but Mack and Satterfield are well on their way to turning their respective programs around.
Comment 13 hours ago
Davis came back into the game in the second half after his injury and played well so I doubt his injury is serious. Wade I would not be shocked if he reaggrivated what was bothering him before.
Comment 13 hours ago
Don't rule out Matthew Jones making a play for the LG spot that will be vacated by Jonah. He's been with the program for awhile now. There'll be a host of guys competing for the LG spot (and I think Enokk might be one of them). Myers however I think stays at center since you typically want your experienced linemen in that spot and Myers, Davis, and possibly Munford will be the returning starters next season.
Comment 13 hours ago
He's already been approved for the 6th year and where else would he go? He's in line to start next year given the increased PT he's been seeing this year and the fact that Harrison will be off to the NFL after this season. Hilliard seems pretty loyal to this program given how long he's been here so I definitely think he'll be suiting up in Scarlet and Gray next season.
Comment 13 hours ago
Zero chance of that happening based on the way the team has looked all season. Clemson struggled at times early in the year and nearly got upset by UNC so that's why they're currently sitting at 3 (they also just beat a mediocre Virginia team in the ACC Championship, OSU and LSU had stiffer challenges in Wisconsin and Georgia). When you have three undefeated teams in the CFP these are the kind of metrics the Committee looks at.
Comment 13 hours ago
Clemson loves to spew out bulletin board material whenever we play them (like in 2016 when all their defensive players were publically shitting on JT leading up to the game and Dabo was telling people that Urban was close to quitting). If they do that again this time I expect this team to actually have the horses to make them pay for it (unlike the 2016 squad).
Comment 14 hours ago
I do think overall OSU is a more complete team than LSU. My biggest concern if we do face them (which won't happen until the second round either way, it's either Clemson or Oklahoma for us in the first round) is Burrow's mobility. That kid can run and showed that he is very difficult to sack in yesterday's game and as we know OSU's kryptonite on defense is QBs that can run and extend plays (as we saw against Coan in the first half).
Comment 22 hours ago
Wisconsin's OC also went back to an offense in the second half that has never worked against us. The biggest thing that they were effective with in the first half was Coan running the ball (which opened things up for Taylor). There was very little of that in the second half and Taylor's snap count was also decreased for some bizarre reason (Garrett Groshek was seeing a lot more PT in the second half).
Comment 22 hours ago
All the pass-catchers made plays in this game. Olave basically brought the passing game to life with his home run plays, Garrett had multiple incredible catches that he had to stretch for, Mack had that incredible contested catch in the first half and also drew multiple PI penalties, even Victor had that incredible third down and long that he converted almost entirely on his own. This wasn't Fields' most accurate game throwing the ball but his WRs and TEs really stepped up their game for this one.