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Grew up watching the John Cooper Buckeyes so needless to say all of these recent wins over scUM have been quite refreshing.


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Comment 3 hours ago

That OSU team was a mess and was coming off a long two week layover to stew in their filth and depression after a disastrous loss against Purdue. They were clearly mentally completely out of it in that game which is why Nebraska nearly pulled off the upset at the Shoe. I don't see this year's game being similar to that in any way. 

Comment 4 hours ago
Either he must have some pretty impressive blackmail on both Tressel and Dantonio or he must be one hell of a friend because I'll never understand why those guys were so devoutly loyal to him (remember Dantonio kept him on staff at MSU for years and flat out refused to fire him)
Comment 9 hours ago

Defense might have a couple lapses early due to the layoff but tighten things up as the game goes on. Fields is gonna feast for most of this game (Nebraska's defense is not good). We see a lot of C.J. Stroud and maybe even Jack Miller in the second half. 59-17 OSU. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

They had a winning record under him and were playing for both Big 12 and Big Ten Championships from 2010-2012. They weren't elite by any means but compared to what Riley did and what Frost has done so far Pelini was the most successful coach they've had since the early years under Frank Solich. Until Frost actually starts winning at Nebraska right now he's not fit to carry Bo Pelini's jockstrap. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

That was a game where we never needed Tresselball more than we did in those final two quarters. If Tressel had still been around and calling plays there's no chance he would've had an inaccurate QB like Bauserman slinging it all over the field like that late in the game with a double digit lead. It seriously felt like Bollman was already trying to audition for his next job with those pass-heavy calls once Bauserman got in there. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

It's remarkable what Joe Bauserman was able to accomplish during his brief time as the starting QB at OSU. He actually made me start to reminisce about the Steve Bellisari days (which were nightmarish in their own right) and think to myself "You know, compared to this garbage Bellisari wasn't all that bad, especially his final year in 2001."

Comment 19 Oct 2020

That was also the game that arguably got Bo Pelini fired (the infamous audio tape was recorded immediately after that game when he was privately bitching about many of the Nebraska faithful leaving early). Notice Nebraska hasn't been all that successful since they let Pelini go considering Mike Riley was an abject disaster on all levels and Frost right now is still struggling to clean up the mess Riley left behind. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020
It wasn't all bad with them. Brewster just badly regressed his senior year when we desperately needed him to anchor the O-line. It's bad enough having a true freshman starting at QB for most of that season with Jim fucking Bollman calling the plays but when you pair that with a veteran who suddenly can't snap the ball accurate it's a wonder Braxton wasn't permanently scarred from that season. The only veteran players on that offense that actually stepped up to help him down the stretch were two of the suspended guys, Herron and Posey.
Comment 19 Oct 2020
I knew multiple students who were at OSU at the time and as a result came across football players from that era fairly regularly. From what I've heard Antonio Henton was kind of a dipshit and very much a creeper around women. I seem to recall he got in trouble for that as well which contributed to why he eventually left OSU (though many will say Pryor's arrival is what triggered both Henton and Rob Schoenhoft to transfer).
Comment 19 Oct 2020

Best case scenario - if the SEC teams implode (not saying it will happen but the conference is very questionable right now outside of Bama and Bama can't play defense this year) and somehow Oklahoma ends up sneaking into the CFP again with two losses and facing a top-seeded OSU lol. 

Comment 17 Oct 2020

In 2016, unfortunately probably OSU. There was no way that OSU team was going to compete with the other 3 teams in the CFP due to how much of a one-dimensional clusterfuck that offense under Warinner and Beck was. Not that I think PSU would've been a better option but that 2016 OSU team had issues, particularly on offense (the defense was borderline elite however, especially in the secondary). When your offense is completely one-dimensional throughout the season to the point where when defenses key in on taking Curtis Samuel away you have no answer or adjustment whatsoever for that you know you've got significant problems with the coaching on offense. Beck and Warinner should've been forced to find their own way back to Columbus after that Clemson debacle. 

Comment 17 Oct 2020

It would've worked out for him just fine here if he hadn't been struggling with addiction at the time (he had 8 sacks in 2013 so it's not like he wasn't productive at OSU). If he doesn't get banned he and Bosa were looking at destroying offensive lines together for the next two years probably. 

Comment 17 Oct 2020

I have nothing against Bauserman personally as he seemed like a solid dude in a not so great situation. But let's not sugarcoat it. He was a terrible football player who had no business starting for us in 2011 (the only reason he did was because Braxton was a true freshman who they wanted to ease in and they clearly didn't trust Guiton at the time). He should've honestly stuck with baseball because clearly his background as a pitcher bled into his football mechanics (Bauserman's throwing motion was hands down one of the worst throwing motions I've ever seen from a collegiate QB, I'm amazed he was able to complete any passes at all throwing like that).