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Grew up watching the John Cooper Buckeyes so needless to say all of these recent wins over scUM have been quite refreshing.


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Comment 10 hours ago
Compared to Nebraska's last two head coaches Bo was very successful there. He wasn't fired due to job performance, he was fired because the previous Nebraska administration hated him ever since he angrily rebuked the Big 12 officials in the 2010 Big 12 Championship Game for the ridiculous amount of penalties called on Nebraska in that game (which was rumored to be because the Big 12 was angry with Nebraska's impending departure to the B1G at the time and looking to punish them for it). Pelini's termination at Nebraska was 100% politics-driven and not at all related to on-field performance.
Comment 12 hours ago
Burrow and Day clearly have a good relationship but Joe was only here for a year under Day. And I highly suspect Day played a big part in Haskins winning the starting job over Burrow in 2018 considering Day was looking to transition into more of a pro style offense at that point and Joe was a better fit for the type of offense that Urban wanted to run than Haskins was. I don't doubt that Joe's one full season working under Day's tutelage in 2017 paid dividends to some extent but he was also hurt and out of commission for most of that year. I don't know how much we can really credit Day for the player that Joe is now.
Comment 12 hours ago
You're probably going to be disappointed over nothing then. Hoak has a year of experience in this offense under his belt which is going to give him an edge over two true freshmen. Most coaches typically try to avoid playing true freshmen at QB excessively unless they can help it. We saw how much Braxton struggled at times with nerves and whatnot as a true freshman starter in 2011. Plus there's a chance Day could be looking to preserve a redshirt year on either Miller or Stroud or even both of them. Their recruiting status does NOT automatically guarantee them the right to the number 2 QB job (that's not how it works at OSU). If Hoak beats them out for the job it will be because he earned it.
Comment 26 Jan 2020
Damn. Only 41 years old. Not the way I expected to see Mamba go out. He will be missed for sure. Regardless of how Cavs fans may feel about him I feel for LeBron. I'm sure he's absolutely feeling like shit right now hearing this news after just breaking Kobe's scoring record.
Comment 24 Jan 2020
LJ has his protege Kenny Anunike to lean on. I'm not sure how involved he is on the recruiting side atm but I would not be shocked if he occasionally makes recruiting trips on LJ's behalf. LJ seems to be pretty hands on when it comes to recruiting though despite his age.
Comment 24 Jan 2020
See link below. Washington is ranked ahead of guys like LJ, Alford, and others when it comes to recruiting (specifically for the upcoming 2021 class). He's no slouch there and definitely deserves a higher recruiting rating than 6/10. He's more like a 9/10. https://247sports-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/247sports.com/college/ohio-state/Article/Brian-Hartline-Jeff-Hafley-Al-Washington-Larry-Johnson-Tyler-Baron-Bill-Kurelic-Ohio-State-Buckeyes-football-2019-138177544/Amp/?amp_js_v=a2&_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCKAE%3D#aoh=15798913094090&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&_tf=From%20%251%24s&share=https%3A%2F%2F247sports.com%2Fcollege%2Fohio-state%2FArticle%2FBrian-Hartline-Jeff-Hafley-Al-Washington-Larry-Johnson-Tyler-Baron-Bill-Kurelic-Ohio-State-Buckeyes-football-2019-138177544%2F
Comment 24 Jan 2020
The secondary improvement was Hafley for sure. The overall scheme I believe came from Mattison however, Hafley just helped implement it. I would expect Mattison will make the defensive calls this upcoming season since he has experience in that area and Coombs doesn't (though Kerry will absolutely have a massive hand in game-planning and implementing the scheme itself).
Comment 24 Jan 2020
Washington's recruiting ranking should be much higher. He's been rated as one of the best recruiters on staff and up there with guys like Hafley and Hartline, he just doesn't get as much recognition. As far as Mattison goes he was an elite recruiter in his heyday (ranked as one of the top recruiters in the country at one point during his time at Florida in fact) he just doesn't travel quite as much as he used to due to his age (and even then he's still been fairly active on the recruiting trail so far this off-season).
Comment 24 Jan 2020
Considering the Browns were screwed massively by the NFL in their expansion draft when they came back in 1999 and STILL seemingly haven't recovered from that 20 years later I have no issues believing that they are cursed (though their owner is also a very, VERY bad businessman). It takes massive levels of incompetence to make nearly every wrong decision imaginable as an organization across a span of 20 years in the NFL and the Browns have managed to do just that so something is definitely amiss with them.
Comment 22 Jan 2020
Your previous hits don't include "OSU is an inferior program to Michigan" do they? No offense but you might be asking for a punch in the face if that's one of your previous hot takes lol.
Comment 22 Jan 2020
Coombs also isn't likely to leave OSU after one year like Hafley did. That's the downside to hiring younger coaches. If they do well they're gone in the blink of an eye.
Comment 22 Jan 2020
Mattison has coached from the sidelines his whole career so I'd be shocked if he went to the booth. It is possible for both coordinators to be down on the field together (Schiano and Fickell were for much of 2016).