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Grew up watching the John Cooper Buckeyes so needless to say all of these recent wins over scUM have been quite refreshing.


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Comment 19 Oct 2019
Considering how much of a control freak Jerry Jones is I'm not sure Urban would be able to handle that kind of micromanagement. He's never had to deal with that in the college ranks.
Comment 19 Oct 2019
You mean like Purdue beating us last year and then basically folding the rest of the season after that (which made the loss look 10 times worse)? This is exactly why the rest of the conference frustrates me so much (especially the West side of the division). Pull your fucking weight for crying out loud.
Comment 18 Oct 2019
IIRC Minnesota has a guy who is a 6'9" leviathan on their offensive line. He's also struggled quite frequently as a starter with them (probably because defenders know how easy it is to get underneath leverage on him due to his height). Size is good to have as an offensive lineman but it also is no guarantee of success (especially for a true freshman coming into the game at one of the most difficult positions to adjust to). Isaiah Prince was a massive dude as well and we saw how much he struggled with the mental aspect of the game. With freshmen it's almost a guarantee that they're going to have mental hurdles to overcome.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
Fair point. Mine is probably an accurate representation of what he'll do to the NW offensive line tomorrow night lol.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
Come to OSU, pair him with Ryan Watts and hopefully Elias Ricks if Hafley can work miracles and watch the magic of DBU happen lol.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
That's what they WANT to be. Their offense currently has no identity whatsoever and they haven't had a pass play go for longer than 11 yards all season. The only bright spot on their offense has been Isaiah Bowser's replacement at RB, Drake Anderson, and he's going against one of the best run defenses in the country in this game (even without Browning on the field).
Comment 17 Oct 2019
Any ownership group that charges $60 for parking and actually tries to sell obstructed view seats (some of which are directly behind pillars I might add) for more than a penny deserves to be boycotted through and through. It's remarkable how much Dan Snyder chooses to piss all over the Skins fanbase with his business practices.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
Hilliard has been seeing a significant amount of action in 4 LB sets in recent weeks and is maybe the most interchangeable LB we have (he can play all three LB positions from what I understand) so I think he'll see more action than Dallas Gant (Gant has primarily been confined to ST action this year and has seen very little action on defense).
Comment 17 Oct 2019
Heinz has gotten better now that the Rooneys have finally decided to stop being cheap asses regarding field maintenance and switched to field turf. Candlestick is obviously no longer around (although the field at Levi's is arguably just as bad) and the Raiders are moving out of the Coliseum soon so it won't be their problem for much longer. That leaves FedEx Field and Soldier Field that have stayed consistently the same since 2013. With FedEx Field Snyder just doesn't give a shit about maintaining it because he's too busy trying to fuck over taxpayers to get a new stadium built closer to the D.C. Metro Area (which isn't going to happen anytime soon thanks to Dan's shady reputation). In regards to Soldier Field I don't know why the Halas family continues to force their team to play inside that relic. It's the smallest NFL stadium currently in terms of seating numbers and they've done such a poor job of maintaining it that it actually got taken off the list of national landmarks in Chicago. I understand it has history but it's not the type of history that makes it completely irreplaceable as is the case with old school stadiums like Lambeau and Wrigley.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
34-6. I think they'll slow down our offense somewhat but I don't see their offense getting into the end zone in this game. JK once again goes for over 100 yds.
Comment 17 Oct 2019
Not as much as short grass or dying grass. Case in point FedEx Field. That stadium is a fucking death trap for players once the cold weather games ensue because the grass is poorly maintained (another example of Dan Snyder being a complete shithead who has no business managing an NFL team) and by November they're basically playing on a hard surface with painted dirt. There's a reason why both RG3 and Alex Smith suffered gruesome career-altering injuries playing on that field. With long grass you at least have a cushion every time a tackle is made. Now if the grass is as difficult to run on as the old astroturf that the Vet (old Eagles stadium) was notorious for that's a different story.