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Grew up watching the John Cooper Buckeyes so needless to say all of these recent wins over scUM have been quite refreshing.


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Comment 20 hours ago

I wouldn't even say this has been a "rough" month aside from the Devonta Smith decommitment. Just relatively quiet on the recruiting front especially by Day's standards.

Comment 20 hours ago

Frost has lost the recruiting battle in his own state to Minnesota of all programs. People keep saying to give him time but he's going into year 3 at Nebraska right now and things don't appear to be getting trending upward (hell Nebraska was more competitive under Riley than they have been under Frost so far). Not to mention he's in the process of ruining his prized 5-star QB atm. 

Comment 20 hours ago

Just call them the Tribe going forward or keep the name as is. The biggest part of the controversy surrounding the Indians over the years hasn't been the name itself but rather the use of the Chief Wahoo logo and they've already permanently discontinued that. I'm not sure how necessary it is to change the name itself. By this logic the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Braves also need to change their names as well. Also hard pass on changing their name back to the Spiders. That just brings back horrid memories of how awful those teams were and also "the Spiders" is an all around stupid name for a professional sports team. That sounds like name better suited for a minor league team.

Comment 20 hours ago

The term Indian isn't offensive just an incorrect label originated by Christopher Columbus when he thought he'd landed in the West Indies. As far as the Cleveland Indians controversy goes nobody would care about the name if it weren't for how long the blatantly offensive Chief Wahoo logo was in use by the team. That logo is currently no longer in use so I don't know why this is still an issue to be honest. 

Comment 03 Jul 2020

Fields will obviously start this year if a season happens. My bet is Hoak will be his top backup given his experience in the system. Stroud and Miller will likely battle for the number 3 spot and most certainly one of them will redshirt this year to preserve eligibility (no chance OSU uses four different QBs throughout the year unless injuries happen). 

In 2021 is when the competition between Stroud and Miller for the starting job begins (assuming Fields doesn't return which is likely but not guaranteed). Hoak is a graduate transfer so he won't be around in 2021 no matter what which leaves guys like McCord and J.P. Andrade rounding out the depth chart. There are two ways this could play out for future years. Either Stroud or Miller wins the job and starts for a couple years then proceeds to leave early for the NFL if they manage to raise their draft stock to a high enough level (both of those guys are talented enough to do it). That would give the loser of that competition a potential window to take over the starting job here without transferring. OR one of those guys develops incredibly slowly and ends up being a 4-year starter like JT was and the loser of that competition is most certainly going to transfer as a result. Then once they are both gone it will be McCord's time (I wouldn't expect McCord to be starting until 2023 at the earliest).

OSU doesn't have any QB recruits committed beyond 2021 at the moment outside of McCord so I would hope Day emphasizes that as a priority once they start focusing on the 2022 class. If he doesn't that's what got Cooper into trouble during his final two years at OSU where his QB pipeline for future years once Joe Germaine graduated was so fucked up that he had turn to a converted safety in Steve Bellisari to start at QB out of desperation. 

Comment 02 Jul 2020
You mean the kid who keeps running his mouth about OSU because he's butthurt that Day chose McCord over him? I could see him potentially being a Chad Henne type of QB for them (which granted is better than anything they've had recently at the position) but I could also see him having a less than desirable record against OSU just like Henne did (0-4). Michigan's entire problem with the Game right now is that they talk way too much and don't approach it the right way and JJ appears to already be continuing that trend. Also there's no guarantee JJ ever plays a down in AA. He's not next in line to take over once McCaffrey and Milton leave, Cade McNamara (a 4-star recruit who will be a redshirt freshman this year and a RS sophomore by the time JJ arrives in 2021) is. JJ could easily find himself playing the waiting game for a few years just like Graham Mertz currently is doing at Wisconsin. Depending on how long he's willing to wait for he could easily end up in the transfer portal in a few years if things don't fall his way at Michigan in regards to the starting job. The same could happen with OSU and McCord as well depending on how thing shape up in front of him (Stroud could have a one and done season like Haskins did which would open the door for Miller to step in and succeed him or vice versa depending on which one of them wins the starting job).
Comment 02 Jul 2020
Honestly I'd rather grant the players an extra year of eligibility than have football in the spring (this would significantly benefit guys like Trey Sermon whose draft stock isn't that great atm). Spring is draft season for most of these upperclassmen guys with NFL futures. I could easily see some of them boycotting a spring season D'Eriq King-style (and I wouldn't blame them, it throws everything out of balance for future years). Not having a 2020 season at all likely means we would lose guys like Fields, Wade, and Davis in 2021 but it also gives us more time to prepare guys like Stroud, Miller, etc. to take over. A spring season on short notice with uncertainty surrounding whether or not Fields decides to come back in 2021 (there's a small chance he could choose to return) would fuck those guys over big time in terms of their development (it would be reminiscent to Braxton being thrown to the wolves as a true freshman in 2011 thanks to Tatgate when that year was supposed to be a redshirt year for him). Most programs will talk about revenue being lost if the season is cancelled outright but I don't see the players being happy at all playing in the spring.
Comment 30 Jun 2020

As good as Fleck is Jerry Kill had the program trending in the right direction prior to the Fleck era. His constant health problems and seizures just got in the way of his ability to do his job and he had to step down as a result which led to their disappointing lone season with former Kill assistant Tracy Klaeys as the permanent head coach in 2016 (that season ended with numerous players getting suspended for sexual assault and the rest of the team leading a boycott in protest of the suspensions that Klaeys actually supported which cost him his job). So basically they went from showing promise under Kill to going right back to being a shitshow under Klaeys when he got handed the job despite being highly unqualified. Now Fleck has turned them around again and has them recruiting at a much higher level than you'd expect to see at a program like Minnesota. 

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Fleck is a good coach but it's too early to start calling Minnesota an elite team. They had an opportunity to play us for the B1G Championship last year and instead choked against Wisconsin (I would've much rather gone up against Minnesota in the B1G Championship Game instead of Wisconsin again). Against OSU they'd most certainly be overmatched no matter what. What Fleck and Co. would have to hope for is that OSU comes into the matchup sleepwalking.