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Grew up watching the John Cooper Buckeyes so needless to say all of these recent wins over scUM have been quite refreshing.


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Comment 48 minutes ago
It sounds to me like Braxton is still completely clueless when it comes to route running (and even as a gadget player in the NFL that's kind of important). And to think some teams were looking at him as a potential first round WR talent in 2016. His production during his one year at WR at OSU was not great. It doesn't surprise me at all that he's struggled since he got to the NFL.
Comment 1 hour ago
I'm not saying they have maturity issues now. It's very possible they did when they first arrived at OSU though and even if they've gotten past them they still might not have the right personality types for captains. Victor in particular, I never expected him to be named a captain this season (and I know prior to last season he was completely unwilling to block which is definitely a sign of immaturity and entitlement). There's too many better options on the team for captaincy. I am however shocked that Landers wasn't named a captain.
Comment 2 hours ago
IIRC both Mack and Victor have had maturity issues in the past. That could be why they were not named as captains. They're both still very likely to see more snaps on offense than Saunders is.
Comment 2 hours ago
CJ plays a significant amount of time on ST so my guess is he's the ST captain. I think it's inevitable at this point that Borland will be starting again in the middle. We just have to hope he's actually 100% this year (I never thought he was last season) and that Al Washington has the LBs playing much better overall as a unit.
Comment 2 hours ago
As of right now he's the consensus number 1 overall pick next year (though that could change if he struggles this year, but that's highly doubtful). If he plays as expected in 2019 AND the Redskins are picking first next year they're taking him and to hell with Haskins. I don't like it either (what the Cards did to Rosen was extremely shitty on their part) but it's an unfortunate possibility if the Skins struggle this year (especially considering this is almost certainly going to be Jay Gruden's last season in WAS if they don't make the playoffs and the new coaching staff won't have any loyalty to Haskins next year). Also it may not be a matter of Tua "sending Haskins packing" in a competition. If the Skins draft Tua I would highly expect Haskins to immediately demand a trade just like Rosen did when the Cards drafted Murray number 1 overall. So Haskins likely wouldn't even make it into camp in 2020 to compete with Tua.
Comment 5 hours ago
Meyer was a very emotional coach and that reflected in his players at times. Towards the end of his run here yes, his team was highly prone to making mental mistakes (especially on ST which Meyer was directly responsible for).
Comment 5 hours ago
Akili Smith and Johnny Football were both lazy and not diligent workers. That's 100% the reason why they failed in the NFL. David Klingler OTOH, he was 100% ruined by the Bengals' lack of a competent O-line at the time he was drafted which seriously fucked up his game in the long run. Same could be said for Tim Couch (Couch had the mechanics to be a good QB but was surrounded by an absolutely awful Browns team for the majority of his career in CLE).
Comment 14 hours ago
Given how long Colt McCoy is expected to be out for now is the time for Haskins to seize the starting job in WAS. That TD throw was incredible to say the least but he was kind of uneven the rest of the way in Thursday's game and looked rattled at times from all the pressure in his face. That being said Keenum looked worse than he did so he shouldn't be too hard to beat out (unless Gruden's plan is to NOT throw Haskins to the wolves behind an O-line that's currently missing their best player for the foreseeable future).
Comment 19 hours ago
Nothing against Fields but I'd take him out and replace him with Landers. BB has been with the program longer and is one of the emotional leaders on defense currently. I think Fields will be a captain one day it just may not be this season (I'm not even sure Haskins was a captain last year tbh).
Comment 19 hours ago
Given all the gruesome injuries Braxton has suffered throughout his career I'm not sure returning punts would be the smartest career decision for him.
Comment 19 hours ago
Didn't the Pats sign Michael Floyd years ago (aka the guy who got so drunk when he was with the Cards that he was found passed out behind the wheel in the middle of a damn intersection)? Top that off with Josh Gordon and I'd say the Pats are all about their reclamation projects. Belichick has pounced on players that have failed with other organizations on numerous occasions.
Comment 19 hours ago
Braxton wouldn't make the final roster in Cincy either. The undrafted crop of WRs we brought in this year has been downright impressive in preseason so far and Braxton is nothing more than a glorified gadget guy. The Bengals wouldn't have much use for him either (he most certainly can't replace a talent like AJ, don't make me laugh). The last thing we need to be doing is bringing in more WRs right now IMO. Now if we're talking FA LBs or OTs I'm all for it (in fact I think bringing in a FA LB is a downright necessity at this point). But our WR room is kind of crowded atm.
Comment 16 Aug 2019
Isn't FedEx the most poorly maintained grass field in the league currently? RG3 basically ruined his career playing on that field and now Alex Smith appears to have done the same. Couple that with the players claiming that Snyder's training and medical staff doesn't take very good care of them and that's definitely a huge blight on the franchise.
Comment 16 Aug 2019
If he's hurt the Redskins' training staff is more than likely only making his injury rehab move along more slowly considering what Trent Williams is currently holding out for. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a PoS Dan Snyder is. He could have an all out staph outbreak at his facility (and given how poorly maintained FedEx Field is I'd say any day now) that hits his players with life threatening injuries and he'd just laugh his way to the bank.
Comment 16 Aug 2019
Maybe I should reword this cause saying those players didn't care about winning a Natty is a little harsh. I don't think that was the issue at all. What I think the players WERE guilty of at the time was thinking to themselves after they beat scUM, "This is easily the best team we're going to face all season, whoever we get in the NC doesn't stand a chance against us." So they subsequently went into the Florida game thinking it was going to be a cake walk and could not have been more wrong. You know the saying, pride comes swiftly before the fall? That 100% defined the 2006 squad in a nutshell. Couple that overconfident mindset with the nearly month long hiatus between the Game and Bowl Season that year (which can create disadvantages considering the B1G didn't have a championship game at the time but the SEC did so their hiatus was shorter and their players were more game ready), Ginn's injury on the opening kickoff which was a huge blow, and Troy binge eating at the Heisman banquet and gaining a bunch of weight as a result (which clearly limited his mobility in that game) and it was just a perfect disaster of events for OSU. I'm not trying to take away from what the Gators did that year, that was most certainly a good Florida team. Do I think OSU was talented enough to beat them? If they go into that game with the right mindset, yes, 100%.