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I Have a Feeling This Season Would Have Been Perfect for the Expanded Playoff Format.

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September 27, 2023 at 3:27pm

After 4 weeks so far, from my perspective, there appears to be no elite (but I'll give UGA the benefit of a doubt until they prove otherwise)  or unbeatable teams in CFB

However, this season, there seems to be the potential of having more "great" and what I might consider  true contender teams than we've had in a while.  I count at least 12 (3-4 in P12, 3 in B1G, 2 in B12, 2 in SEC, 1-2 in the ACC and ND)

Maybe 5-8 weeks down the road I will be singing a different tune and some imposters will show their true colors, but I think it would be a shame to see a good number of deserving teams get left out this season ( I'm going to say there will be at least  6 or 7, similar to 2014), but next year have the status quo 3 or so really good teams and a clear separation after that participating in the expanded playoffs.  

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