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Comment 12 Aug 2019

Darryl Baldwin, by far.  - an unheralded guy recruited as DL and buried in DL depth chart switches positions for his senior year . 

Starts at Right Tackle due to limited OL options in 2014 (recall a fairly sizable talent exodus of Corey Linsley, Jack Mewhort and Andrew Norwell to the NFL) and has an amazingly quiet year (which is awesome for a big ugly - being glued to most of the games that season, I don't recall any blown assignments or major problem areas on that side)  )  . 

Just solid play of protecting JT and CJ for the legendary playoff run and national championship.  

Comment 17 May 2019

Jim Harbaugh - when he guaranteed a win in 1986 then lobbied liked a b%tch for the refs to quiet OUR crowd.  (we actually got penalized for crowd noise)

Comment 10 May 2019

What most folks forget is that, relatively speaking, our defense played pretty stout throughout - they only gave up about 350 total yards. 

This is all the more impressive, given the fact that our offense was barely on the field for <100 yards. 

Not being patient and committing more to the run game after Ginn was hurt damaged our chances to stay in the game significantly.  (Beanie had some nice sized holes, for his limited carries) 

Comment 23 Apr 2019

The time aspect is what kills the score.  My obsessive compulsive brain (have to read everything 2 or three times to make sure I read it right)  doesn't work well for solving an average problem in 15 seconds.

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Not only were we slow during the immediate post Bruce era, according to Cooper, we were also weak.   I recall an interview where he mentioned that only 3 or 4 guys on the entire roster could bench press 300 pounds at the time. 

He wasn't a great gameday  x's and o's ball coach, but as far as rebuilding a program, strength and conditioning and bringing back recruiting and prestige, he did a pretty good job overall for the Ohio State in my opinion. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Having uncertainty about the Buckeyes is one thing, but putting TTUN as 3rd best probability of making the playoffs is a total head-scratcher.  


They lose 3 of their best players by far on defense and return an offense with no proven ability to crack the top 20 in scoring.  What am I missing?   Part of me thinks this is a conspiracy by ESPN to raise expectations in order to get Harbaugh fired quicker. (they know they'll rarely (if ever) beat the Bucks with him at the helm)

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Congratulations!  I only did the 6 year stint in the early nineties based mostly in Charleston, SC and refitting out of Kings Bay, GA.

Sometimes, I think back on how nice a pension would be at a relatively young age had I stayed the full 20.  But I realized how impatient I was to leave the service and doubt any scenario or other wisdom would have convinced me to stay.

Definitely had some great times and memories, but the little things like getting a 2 week delayed radio message out at sea that Buster Douglas had beat Mike Tyson (unthinkable at the time) , Holiday's away from family, etc. was why it didn't end up a career for me.

Enjoy your new life adventure!

Comment 22 Mar 2019

Clearwater is home of the original Hooters restaurant.   Also Scientology HQ - for quality people watching - check out the cadets(or whatever they're called) in their uniforms. 

A few miles up north - Tarpon Springs has the sponge docks and museum - interesting stuff . And lots of deep sea fishing charters (nice size grouper in the gulf)  for a 3 hour or so diversion.

Comment 24 Feb 2019

Goes back to my username on other Buckeye forums from the Ted Ginn days, derived from the "ShotGinn" fan named offensive formation at the time.  I, with my Wile-E-Coyote "super genius" creativity threw in "BuckShot" , cuz look at me! ain't I clever?

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Hopefully, for Dad's sake, Owen never discovers this:

Seriously though, 2011 was a really fun season!

Comment 11 Jan 2019

For those ho-humming this news because "Wade and Okudah are better", they understand nothing about depth and experience.   Anybody can go down at any time.  You don't want the situation we had at Safety this year.  Arnette has been and will be a solid contributor.

Thanks for another year in Buckeye nation!