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Who Do You Hate More: Clemson or Notre Dame?

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October 30, 2022 at 5:16pm

Since I hate Clemson and Dabo slightly more, I am hoping that the Domers can pull off the upset this Saturday.

Don't scoff at the idea. ND has some pretty terrible loses, but they appear to play the better teams... ugh better.  They've beaten 3 top 25 teams (at least BYU was ranked until they went downhill)  and gave us a semi-decent game.

They are North Carolina's only loss and ND beat the Orange in the Carrier dome(no small feat this season) by a healthy margin.

I think it's possible they play with a purpose and have the overall talent to pull the upset, even absent quality coaching.  Certainly would make our win more sweet at the expense of Dabo the clown. 

What's your thoughts or preference? (This is a meteor free post, so don't go there!)

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