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TCU to the Big Ten?

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August 16, 2022 at 9:01pm

A couple tweets seem to be setting off a huge rumor in B1G expansion. TCU's AD tweeted he was in Chicago and UCLAs AD tweeted a GIF suggesting it could be something interesting. Chicago is the home of B1G HQ. This is the first time an actual school admin member has really hinted at anything involving expansion. Both tweets have now been deleted. 

I think people may scoff at this but the common idea has been the Big Ten would expand by 4 teams, 3 of those teams would be Notre Dame, Oregon, and Washington. People assumed Stanford would be the 4th team. However, when you compare the two programs it could make more sense to add TCU. Texas and A&M are in southern Texas while TCU is Dallas/Fort Worth. This means you could potentially own the entire Dallas market. This keeps the Texas pipeline a bit more open. Long term TCU would be much more invested in football than Stanford would ever pretend to be. TCU would also probably be the better team. TCU is not an AAU school.

Stanford has a great market, olympic athletics, and academics but isnt a school that cares about football. With a consolidation of 2 super conferences it could be odd to add a team not invested in the sport.

Personally I would be way more excited to add TCU, hope they become an average team in the new conference, let B1G teams have a foothold in Texas, and solidify the B1G as a national brand. 

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