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The ACC Divisions and Notre Dame Problem

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June 28, 2022 at 12:49pm

I'm sure many have seen already that the ACC became the latest conference to do away with the division model and are adopting the 3-5-5 scheduling practice  that everyone has seemingly fallen in love with beginning in 2023.

That said, a perusal of the permanent opponents (found towards the bottom of the story here) left me with a question - where is Notre Dame?  I'm too in the weeds with some work stuff right now so I'm not really willing to sit down and think this through, but has anyone heard how they're going to work in Notre Dame and their mandatory five ACC games a year?  Kind of hard to do in the rigid 3-5-5 model unless you're just going to put Notre Dame on a rotating non-conference game schedule around the league.

Maybe they, and the NCAA in totality, should just boot Notre Dame.

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