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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Standing in the stands during the 2008 Michigan game as the Buckeyes put one of the worst beatings I've ever seen on Michigan.
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Comment 06 Feb 2020
Ol Marv has been at ASU since Brown gave him the ax. I think he was one of those "special consultants" Saban always uses at Alabama...until the move to DC came about.
Comment 01 Feb 2020
Full disclosure: my football coming of age did not occur until about 93 or so, but I've always been incredibly dumbfounded by the allegiance of so many Buckeyes fans to Bruce. I never watched any of his teams, but looking at his records, he appeared to be an above average coach that was never going to reach the promised lands. Sounds an awful lot like the reckoning going on in Ann Arbor, to be honest.
Comment 31 Jan 2020
Apologies, didn't mean for it to sound like I was coming at you. Was just saying if it's power 5 schools then Notre Dame shouldn't be involved and that was more aimed at the source than yourself.
Comment 30 Jan 2020
Surprised the military academies weren't included. I know for the standard student the expectations are sky high but I guess they may relax for the athletes.
Comment 21 Jan 2020
They need a new defensive line coach. Every game I watched them this year, their line was a full yard off the ball to start. Was a bit jarring after watching the Buckeyes line that was all almost helmet to helmet. If you're giving up that yard immediately, offenses with a great offensive line (the top tier teams) will bury it. Just like in 2014 and all the years before when Oregon was in the championship hunt. I'm still baffled how Wisconsin lost to them (again) with that one yard advantage. Taylor should have had 300.
Comment 28 Nov 2019
The NFL continuously steps on its dick at every single junction. The kneeling deal? Screwed it up. Know what's a catch? Neither do we! Know what's pass interference? Neither do we! It's a slow, boring product they put on the field that lately has resulted in the same champ year after year. On top of that, every relatively close play turns the announcers into amateur forensic scientists. How to correct it? Fix the rule book, cut out 40% of the commercials, and cut out the charity of the month. We all know the league doesnt give a shit about breast cancer, the community, or the troops.
Comment 22 Nov 2019
I really, really hope Fox gets Penn State week next year. Let's see those dickbags run their stupid whiteout for a noon game. Spoiler: they won't, and for the first time in 20 years (or however long they've been doing it), someone other than the Buckeyes or Michigan will get that treatment. Another reason to hate them: the only fanbase who starts off any big game week by asking "Who are the refs this week?". Losers
Comment 06 Nov 2019
(I expect downvotes for this) To hell with four teams. I'm one of the extremely limited number of BCS fans. Think about it: the objective of the BCS was to find the two best teams and really, outside of two years, it did exactly that. People can bitch and moan about the non championship game teams, but the championship contenders were correct 87% of the time. I've come to accept the playoff (begrudgingly), but anything more than four would kill the allure of college football. The people clamoring for 6 or 8 or 64 are all fans of the fifth or sixth ranked team that year. I imagine if Buckeye fans really took off their scarlet-tinted glasses, they'd agree that the team did not deserve to be in the last two years and quite frankly, would anyone have expected those defenses to hold the other teams that made it? I wouldnt have.
Comment 30 Oct 2019
"SMU might be legit. I can't get them out of my top 5 without screwing with the stats hard enough to make me feel dirty. I've had them at #5 since week 7, and they've been in my top ten since week 5, so maybe it is time to buy in to this SMU team? Something doesn't feel right about it, but idk what to do about it at this point... maybe they are for real." Death penalty oughtta do it....
Comment 26 Jul 2019

Logged in for the first time in about three or so years (I think) because I've got a lot of problems with you people.

I strongly, strongly abhor a significant portion of the Ohio State fan base.  First, are the idiots who make all of us look bad by being complete pricks when it's uncalled for.  See a kid wearing a Michigan shirt in the mall on a mid-May Tuesday and just start going on in him because you're a real fan?  GTFO.

The people on here who post a forum topic with 'nice' or 'great' article which happens to speak to Ohio State glowingly, but then turn around and say 'ESECPN is out to get us again' when posting another topic that shows the Buckeyes in a bad light...grow up.  If you want to post an article that touches on Ohio State, then just say 'article about Ohio State'.

The people in the Shoe who are a thousand years old and can't be bothered to get loud on 3rd or 4th and inches in the biggest game of the year and actively tell those around them to sit down and quiet down?  Get out of the stadium and stay plastered to your plastic wrapped couch if you can't root for your team.

Those that are so obsessed with the band...just ugh.  Nobody pays the exorbitant ticket prices to go and listen to/watch the band.  The band, while great, is merely an add on to the main event.  The forum topic on here last week or the week before when someone wanted the bands added to the next NCAA video game?  C'mon.  You know as well as literally everyone else you might watch it once and then skip right on through to the actual game. 

To the people who claim Urban and now Ryan need to focus more on recruiting Ohio kids?  Clearly the reason Clemson and Alabama are running college football is because they've got the rosters stocked with Ohio kids.  The bluest of blue bloods (the aforementioned Clemson and Alabama, and Ohio State and Oklahoma) take the best of the best regardless of where they come from.  If that's from Ohio, then cool.  If not, don't care.

And lastly, the people who spent yesterday commenting on the article about All-Tressel team vs. All-Urban team and saying Tressel would win?  Open your eyes.  You can claim recency bias all you want, but nostalgia is clearly clouding your vision.  There was a fairly seismic shift in football around 2010 which rendered most of the All-Tressel team grossly outdated.  Hawk, Carpenter, and Wilhelm were great LBs for their time, but they'd be gassed after the first quarter against the All-Urban team.  We actually saw exactly that scenario play out in 2006.

I otherwise am relatively fine with the school and football team so guess that's all I've got.  Signing off for another several years.

Comment 19 Aug 2016
The hypocrisy in this thread is absurd. Note before I begin: I stopped commenting in the forums and essentially reverted to lurker status on staff articles weeks ago because of this forum topic: So, when it's a pit bull coming into someone's yard and NOT HARMING ANYONE, all of the knuckle dragging mouth breathers on this board call for that poster to get a gun and shoot it. But as soon as it's a player on a non-Buckeye collegiate football team beating a dog he owns, that person is shit and needs to be dropped in a pit of rabid dogs? A lot of you need to deeply look inwards at yourself if you're one of the retards that proposed the other OP start shooting dogs instead of stop being a lazy ass cheapskate and build a fence if he's so concerned about dogs in his yard. And before anyone starts their garbage "he's protecting his family and a human life is more important than a dog's" bullshit, go ahead and read through all of the gasping reactions above on this thread. Reading the comments here, you'd think 11W is an arm of the ASPCA. Reading the comments on the thread I linked, you'd think 11W is a bunch of inbred Bama fans who ran out of varmint to shoot. Which are you? Regardless of your answer, I really am done with these forums now. Mods/Staff: I understand if this ban hammers me and sends me to Mman jail in Serbia.
Comment 19 Jul 2016
Dear Baylor, Tennesse, FSU, et al: This is how you handle these situations. I don't care that there haven't been charges pressed. Something is officially on record and the accused is gone. IF after the details come out from a legitimate police investigation, ahem Tallahassee, and that investigation says otherwise or the accuser recants, then you can look at possible reinstatement.
Comment 17 Jul 2016
No fan of soccer here. My reason: soccer fans (in general, not all but many) rank right next to Michigan fans in arrogance. I've had this exact conversation with many a soccer fan after the offensive team gets the ball deep (like standing right in front of the goalie deep) into the defensive zone only to then kick it 75 yards backwards: Me: what the hell was that?! You were 5 yards from the goal! Fan: it's metres (always res and not ers, because arrogance) and because that's the strategy. Me: so the strategy is to get in close and do absolutely nothing?! Fan: you just don't understand the chess match that is soccer. Me: ... -Scene- All of that said, I do applaud soccer for not going to commercial after every possession.