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Chris Simms Calls Harbaugh a Jerk:

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January 22, 2022 at 8:57am


Simms was interviewed by Dan Patrick a couple days ago apparently.  Simms said he hasn't heard from his NFL circles about any interest in Harbaugh, and that Harbaugh is pushing the narrative himself.

Some quotes:

"I don’t hear anything from the people I know in football — and you know I know some people — that there’s legitimate interest for Jim Harbaugh. To me, I think he’s putting this out there. He’s fishing. He would like to leave Michigan."

"Oh, he was such a jerk. One of my first interviews I ever had with Bleacher Report, he stopped the interview after my third question because I asked him about Colin Kaepernick’s contract situation. And he took off his mic and said, ‘I’m done with this and tell your dad I said hi,’ and that was it. So, from that point on, I root for Ohio State always and against Jim Harbaugh. Screw him."

Lol Harbaugh's exit strategy blowing up.

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