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Comment 13 Jul 2019

Is it really shocking?  Isn't it safer to pick non-SEC players to win the Heisman now in July?  Ditto for his predictions of non-SEC teams to win the NC now? Oooh amazing!!  He's so objective....sure.

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I think if he ever comes back to coaching it will be at tOSU.  Perhaps Day is keeping his seat warm until faux "leader" Mike Drake moves on.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

I love this quote: “I've got to come off the field. That's too much running,” Hill said in March. “We've got C.J. Saunders and Jaelen Gill, so I feel like we all can rotate, especially with how fast we're playing, we need fresh legs on the field at all times. So I feel like that should be a rotation.”

A rotation would be sweet.  I'd love to see more of Gill too.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

The Rich Eisen interview was fantastic.  Eisen is cool anyway, but he asked him who he'd rather coach at TSUN: Harbaugh, RichRod, or Hoke.

Simmons responded with "Harbaugh, because of the ridiculous pants.  It's like he's wearing the gold pants.  So I start Harbaugh to beat the pants out of them."

Comment 28 Jun 2019

No I haven't listened, that's why I previously asked for clarity.  Some people work for a living.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

Please specify how OSU compliance "did him dirty?"

Gibson did not last at either UC or a junior college.  It's not like he hasn't had opportunity.  I understand some kids might not be fit for a university like OSU; but surely some of the responsibility lays on Gibson himself. 

Comment 25 Jun 2019

“Nonetheless, when contrasted with current NCAA rules, as drafted the bill threatens to alter materially the principles of intercollegiate athletics and create local differences that would make it impossible to host fair national championships. As a result, it likely would have a negative impact on the exact student-athletes it intends to assist." -SEC shill Mark Emmert

Haha.  I wonder if he said this with a straight face.  As if the NCAA regularly hosts a fair national championship in football.

That said, I personally approve the California bill.  I like the idea of student athletes being allowed compensation of their own likeness.  It's constitutional, it's fair, and it's not the programs paying them directly.

What I don't like is turning a blind eye to pay-for-play and fraudulent grades which is the current state of the NCAA.  Maybe Emmert should focus on enforcing rules currently imposed if he's so worried about fair national championships.

I just hope someone doesn't try to pass direct compensation by the programs.  That's not how college works, and that argument can only be made for a minuscule fraction of college athletes who go on to make millions in the pros anyway.

Comment 23 Jun 2019

ESPN must view this as a "non-story,"  because I don't see ANYTHING on 

Rest assured if this were any B1G program, and especially THE flagship program, an image of Ryan Day's face would be plastered over 85% of the homepage with a header that says, "Corruption in Columbus!!! If only the B1G had the SEC's Integrity!!