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Comment 10 Dec 2018

I don't know why anyone would take offense to Winovich's words. All he said was they didn't play a great game, which I tend to agree.

I think if TSUN still brought their "A-game" and OSU brought its "A game" OSU still wins comfortably though.  Not to mention the refs handed them about 150 penalty yards, mostly on bs calls/no-calls.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I'd be more than fine with it because I'm not so sure part of his decision is because Michael Drake hung him out to dry.

Drake, the coward that he is, didn't even show up for his retirement press conference. 

If Meyer comes back to coaching in a couple years, or even a year, good for him.  I'll wish him well.  Just don't go to TSUN though.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Thanks for your post, and you can plausibly argue your points as a homer or not. 

In my lifetime I haven't admired a coach more in any sport than Urban Meyer. (and I wasn't sure I even liked him when he was first hired.)  My admiration of him is more from him being a great leader/human being, than just winning lots of football games.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I rank Meyer above Saban because Saban didn't win everywhere.  Saban has so many advantages including the media that blindly votes Bama in every year (sometime deserved, sometimes not,) inflates SEC rankings; and turns a blind eye to anything off the field.

Meyer has been under constant scrutiny as we've seen and OSU has gotten shafted out of the CFP in comparison a few times.

Not taking anything away from Saban, but it certainly hasn't been a level playing field, and Meyer still out-coached him last meeting.

Comment 03 Dec 2018

It's probably more to do with which defensive coaches are returning.  Larry Johnson is the key I would imagine. 

I just hope Michael Drake hasn't driven the Meyers out of Cbus with his lack of support; but I'm expecting it.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

I don't see how the committee can vote Bama in if they get blown out.  Then the SEC bias "that doesn't exist" would be too obvious.