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Comment 19 Mar 2018

The History Channel, owned by the Hearst Corporation and Disney.

Yellow Journalism:  Founded by Pulitzer and Hearst. 

Fantasia: founded by Disney.

A History professor of mine told my class in the 90's that most things on TV are complete crap.  He named the History Channel, Discovery, the news, and the show "In Search Of," as some obvious examples. 

History is a subject that remains cloudy at best, and is written by those with vested interests; whether it's a country, a corporation, a religion, a political party, or any other special interest group.

Comment 08 Mar 2018

Sure, and Urban Meyer has a reputation of tolerating so many disengaged "no-shows."  Is this his fifth year?  A no-show for five years under Urban Meyer.  right.

And who are these other "no-shows?"

Comment 26 Feb 2018

While I am very familiar with Chic Harley, and I can appreciate his place in Buckeye lore, my grandfather was probably not old enough to read the box score in the newspaper, and he'd be 101 if he were alive today.

I do like the idea of Mt "Rush"more.  Maybe make all-time era greats including Harley; and post/modern day Rushmore.  Also, position Rushmores.

Comment 21 Feb 2018

Too many thoughtful responses on this thread, so ill just try to reply in one post:

While I'm all for people making their own decisions, and I want people to find happiness, I'm also for calling out those I care about (to me family and friends,) for making a poor choice; or rather, help them make the best choices. 

Not the choice that makes me happy, but what I think would make them happy.  So I would hope that those in Shazier's camp put the brakes on this idea. 

Most importantly, we do not want everyone (including Buckeye nation) to blindly encourage him to chase his dreams and end up a paraplegic.  How would that reflect on OSU fans, team mates, and former coaches who encouraged him to play??  Imagine him coming back and ending up a paraplegic or even a quadriplegic. 

I'd rather see Buckeye Nation show it cares about its own in that regard.

Comment 08 Feb 2018

Classic Walmart whines allege cheating:

"midwest M fan
Joined: 02/01/2017
MGoPoints: 87
Also, does

anyone else think Dakich looks much bigger this year?  I know we hear about camp Sanderson, but holy crap Dakich looks like he's 20lb heavier and more muscular than last year."

Translation:  OSU is feeding Dakich steroids and that's why he's so much better now. lol

Comment 07 Feb 2018

A couple questions:

So how many guys can we take?

Who are we likely to get?

Any surprises coming?

Comment 05 Feb 2018

We should be used to this by now. 

As long as we continue to see our assistants plucked by the NFL or promoted within the NCAA, it's a sign that things are going very well in Columbus.

If things go as planned, I'd expect to see Grinch offered HC jobs in a year or so.

Good luck to Schiano and thanks for your service.

Meyer has the best waiting in line for his call.