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Comment 03 Jul 2020

Thank you for your contributions to the state of Ohio as well as the wins.  Thank you for having the courage to standup for yourself and all you represent against some of the shittiest people on earth who make up a large portion of the mainstream media.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

A few thoughts:

  • As others have stated, there isn't enough information.
  • I know faculty at the school, and I know the neighborhood.  While racism can happen anywhere, it doesn't fit in with the culture in Cornelius. 
  • Hopefully Pryor and his family are satisfied with the normal protocol, and won't hold the team and the school hostage in spite of one kid.  That doesn't seem reasonable.  
  • I hope this is something more serious than an OANN t-shirt. 
Comment 20 Jun 2020

While all of that may be true, slavery was established under English rule before we were a country.  We certainly benefited economically from slavery, even in the north where slave markets and banks were located in New Amsterdam, New Port, etc. So the chances of defeating the Brits without all the commodities and services that slavery provided at the time was probably slim to none.  And no I am not defending slavery, just noting that defeating the Brits was probably first priority at that time.

The founding fathers were not responsible for the establishment of slavery.  Many of them were born into slave-owning families, and yet still questioned the morality of slavery; and many treated their slaves as employees.  So without first acknowledging the immorality of slavery, the process of abolition cannot begin.

In 2020, I think we can all agree how obviously disgusting slavery is; however, many of these statues being vandalized, were of people who put America on the path to abolish slavery, and eventual civil rights and equality. 

Comment 19 Jun 2020

I went to his restaurant in Manhattan.  The food was trash.  I’ve eaten better at Applebee’s. I personally like him and have no ill will towards him. Just telling it as it is.

Comment 18 Jun 2020

Wasn’t there a 3rd alcoholic related arrest? (Public intoxicated and evading police? ) in Chicago if I’m correct...not that we’re counting lol

Comment 14 Jun 2020

It's just one "spin" after another up north to try and cover up their inability to perform on the field. That really is the "Harbaugh Way".

That really sums it up. 

The Harbaugh Way is just an excuse for all the losses.

Comment 14 Jun 2020

Lol "The Harbaugh Way"

What exactly is the Harbaugh Way?  Aside from all the publicity stunts and gimmicks, I would like to know from UM higher-ups how they define Harbaugh Way.

Comment 13 Jun 2020

No worries - is this the article you were reading ??

That's not it but this is interesting: "With a new starting quarterback, four new offensive lineman, four games oddsmakers have set at three points or less as well as being double digit underdogs to Ohio State, I’m leaning towards backing the under (9) in their season win total projections."

That schedule looks brutal with Washington, PSU, Wisconsin, Minnesota, OSU, ...then there's MSU and other potential upsets.  The OL and new QB will be key to their season.  TSUN could be looking at 5-6 losses -but we shouldn't take them lightly regardless.

Here's the link I think he meant to post:

"Everyone wants to beat Ohio State and win the Big Ten, but they want to do it 'the Harbaugh way' and not take shortcuts, and right now, right now, there are no realistic candidates outside the program better than Jim."

Comment 12 Jun 2020

I also point out that the quote above from Wikipedia certainly is whitewashed, as it states that he was a slaveholder, statesman, and US Vice President, but doesn't mention that he was s Confederate soldier and pro-slavery politician

I agree, but my point is there was a red flag very soon on Clemson's wiki page.  (Point taken it's 12 years later though.) It wasn't meant to whitewash anything, but to show there was the tip of the iceberg.  Clemson's father-in-law was a VP and slave owner -that should peak one's interest to dig further on Calhoun.

The guy who was instrumental to establishing Clemson with Clemson's will was an even bigger asshole than Calhoun.  Gov of SC at the time. 

My point is, today it's so easy to get info.  I get not all students know the history or are aware of the culture of the college they select, but a lot do.  And if Hopkins is going to be so vocal now, I hope he knows the subject much more thoroughly than he used to.  And quite frankly, I hope he puts his money where his mouth is now that Clemson is acting to remove Calhoun's name.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

Looks like Clemson is removing Calhoun's name.  I suppose this is the right move if Calhoun was truly the racist the media is claiming he was.  I wonder if Hopkins will donate to this cause, and if he'll claim Clemson on MNF.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

I’m sure they don’t sell that but he obviously did not research Clemson on his own.  It’s not hard to do these days.  From the third paragraph on Wikipedia: “Thomas Green Clemson, the university's founder, came to the foothills of South Carolina in 1838, when he married Anna Maria Calhoun, daughter of John C. Calhoun, a slaveholder, South Carolina statesman and seventh U.S. Vice President.[12]”

He didn’t have to stay there either once he found out. 

Comment 12 Jun 2020

I have no problem with Hopkins protesting Clemson for its history.  However, did he not know that Clemson was essentially founded on slave labor before accepting a full ride to play football?  He chose to go there, so it seems hypocritical.

If wikipedia is correct, Thomas Clemson inherited the land from his wife Anna Maria Calhoun, daughter of VP President and slave owner, John Calhoun; and according to Clemson's will, he donated the estate towards establishing a university.  So it makes sense there are buildings named after Calhoun, because without Calhoun's original estate, there is no Clemson University.  I am not defending Calhoun for owning slaves, but I don't know how you can erase the Calhoun name when his estate founded the university.  Maybe removing the Calhoun name from the Honor's building is fair. 

In Clemson's case, I would focus on how the evils of slave labor was eventually turned into a positive, and maybe honor some of its most successful black alumni. Maybe name the Honor's building after a black who graduated with honors, and with roots to black slaves.

In Hopkins case, being the political activist he is, if he's that passionate, seems to have missed the boat when selecting colleges. 

Comment 28 May 2020

Our secondary played lights out.  Donnie Nickey exceeded all expectations against those WRs too.  I expected us to struggle somewhat, yet we basically locked them up minus a few big plays to Winslow and a big play here or there to the top of my head.

Obviously our DL was the key to the victory as others stated; and great management by Krenzel. Every Buckeye in the game contributed for the win.  Huge team victory.