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Comment 20 May 2019

1) I'd use part for down payment of a building in an upcoming metro area, and renovate it to host various events such as trade shows, campaigns, job fairs, art shows.  Hopefully make bank.

2) Add to my current portfolio.

3) Payoff car and upgrade to a Tesla model. Payoff the credit card but don't need 22 mil to do it fortunately. Leave mortgage as is.

4) Probably plan a trip to Hawaii or Monaco.

5) Buy tickets to every OSU game and fly up first class to Cbus.  

Comment 19 May 2019

There are some new theories out there that Bran was controlling Drogon (based on the past episode of the vision he had from a past season of the dragon shadow flying over king's landing)  ..and so Bran murdered all the people/Dani was really only targeting the Red Keep; so Bran might be "evil," and Dani is not really "mad." 

Saw another that Jamie Lannister might not be dead.

Anything is possible.  I'm expecting an ugly ending (ie Saprano's) would be cool if they tricked everyone and had a happy ending.

Comment 19 May 2019

Too much wacky tobacky,,,?

Comment 10 May 2019

Can't blame him. Until our linebacker coaching proves it won't waste 5-star talent, I don't expect us to get these elite players at that position.

Comment 09 May 2019

The DRAW of tOSU is much stronger than the draw of NW.  Northwestern (and other second tier programs) NEED to cheat to compete with places like tOSU and bama and Texas.  What's delicious is that the weasels have recognized that they have slipped to that status, even if their fans haven't.

This makes a lot of sense.  Especially that the ultimate goal of elite recruits is to get to the NFL.  The best coaching, best facilities, and the most tv exposure (winning) trumps the bagman. OSU probably tells kids who expect more to take a hike; because they certainly don't need it.  In times like this Bama and OSU have so much leverage in recruiting -they call the shots, while TSUN and Miss St have to sweeten the offer with $$.

Comment 05 May 2019

TSUN's QB room looks different than ours.  Peters left because of all the depth in front of him. 

I understand why Joe Burrow left; however, losing Tate Martell and Matthew Baldwin doesn't really add up, as those two players were vested into the program and we chose a new guy over them.  That needs to stop going forward.  Trust is key for recruiting/building a roster.

That said, I'm sure Day will be fine moving forward.  We can chalk this up as a "new coach" wanting his own guy I suppose.  I wouldn't expect this to happen again.

Comment 03 May 2019

My expectations are that he should be the better QB of Tate Martell and Matthew Baldwin. 

Comment 02 May 2019

While I think Haskins is the better prospect anything can happen at the next level.  

Overhyping a player will only add pressure; and likewise disrespecting a player could serve as motivation and lessen the pressure.  

That said, we should have no ill will towards Jones, but cheer for Haskins gracefully.

The draft is over -time to get over it.

Comment 30 Apr 2019

Earlier in his radio career he sure seemed to mock OSU, but that's ok.  That's not really an issue to me.  To me he's plastic which is typical in the industry though. 

Comment 30 Apr 2019

I've listened to it enough to offer an opinion about it.  The best show you've ever seen? 

Look, I respectfully disagree.  It's scripted sports radio entertainment which is fine; but it's no different than Stephen A/Bayless/the herd/Rome/etc.  The schtick is different, but that's it.  It's still shallow and impulsive like all the rest.

I prefer local guys who are less superficial and tend to talk more about actual sports.

Comment 29 Apr 2019

Honestly, who listens to Dan Patrick anyway?  Was his show ever good?  That show has always been a snoozefest; and he's a fake and phony as they come.  Who cares what he thinks, he's always been anti-OSU.

Comment 29 Apr 2019

That was an amazing episode for lack of words.  I'm happy with the writing/directing.  It was quite possible that the directors, after building this up for so many years, could have left the audience with a disappointing climax that strung us all along; but this pretty much met or even exceeded my expectations. The pressure on the writers/directors on how the battle would play out, how the NK would die, and who would kill him, had to be immense.

That said, three episodes left with lots of possibilities and questions to be answered. 

But most importantly, when and what role will Joey Bosa play?

Comment 28 Apr 2019

I actually think Chugonov will hold the 2, and should Fields struggle, could challenge for the 1.  I like Chug and hope he stays.