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8 Nebraska Football Players File Lawsuit Against Big Ten

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August 27, 2020 at 1:01pm

8 Husker football players filed suit in District court of Lancaster county Nebraska. From the article

The World-Herald obtained a copy of the 13-page complaint, which contends the league’s Aug. 11 action to postpone should be overturned because it didn’t follow established procedures in the decision-making process and was “unjustified” based on flawed and misapplied medical information.

Wrongful interference with business expectations. For football student-athletes, the season represents a chance to work toward a career as a professional player as well as develop personal brands for eventual monetary gain under name/image/likeness legislation. Canceling the fall campaign based on what is now outdated or inaccurate medical information — while not taking into account why players are actually safer in a team environment that tests them regularly — cannot be justified.

Breach of contract. The league — through reputation, public statements and its own documents — has established it exists in part to benefit its student-athletes. It potentially violated that contract by not holding an actual vote within its Council of Presidents and Chancellors.

Declaratory judgment. The Big Ten not actually voting on the decision, or at least being unwilling and/or unable to produce records of such a vote, violates its governing documents. The decision should be invalid and unenforceable.

I doubt this goes anywhere, but it does offer a little hope, at least for the moment.  Or perhaps it just drags this out longer prolonging the agony. 

Check out the article here.

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