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Comment 28 Dec 2019

Dobbins is out? Twice, someone has he is out? He didn’t look like he wouldn’t be able to come back in 

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Go into the locker room. Settle down. Coach them up. Come out and keep smacking them in the mouth. 

Comment 12 Dec 2019

This may have already been mentioned and I missed it...

It seems from what little I have read, the prevailing argument over there at tigernet is "the bucknuts haven't seen a team (clemson) this good or this fast all year, we (clemson) will jump all over them."  Using their own logic could the same not be said about the tigers?  I'm certain the Bucks will be the best team the tigers have faced all year.

Its all a lot of bluster.  They sound like our over confident rival to the north.  That has turned out badly for TTUN the past two years.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

So true. But if you go over to ESPN they will tell you it’s time to move LSU back to the top.

Is anyone really surprised LSU did that to Georgia? 1-Georgia’s offense was and is pathetic. It is laughable that LSU’s defensive performance against that offense means LSU has solved their defensive woes. Get out. 2- recent history proves a great defense (an SEC defense) can not stop an great offense. Look at what OU has done on offense to Georgia and Alabama. Look at Clemson’s track record in the playoffs against the vaunted Alabama defense. These SEC defenses have no answers, and LSU v. Georgia proved that again. 

Sure LSU is good. And maybe they are the best team in the country. But these playoff games will be a race to 35. Georgia was never going to be able to hang. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

My favorite line that EVERY talking head using when discussing Michigan, "They have been a different team since half time of the Penn State game."

I love that line, using a loss to prop up their argument. The Bucks will run TTUN out of Ann Arbor this Saturday.