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College Football Season Win Totals Released

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April 7, 2020 at 8:34pm

Cesar and MGM released their full college football win totals for the season. Here are some with my two cents. If you are unaware on how season win total bets work you would pick over or under on the number given per team for a generally 2-1 payout. If the number is a push you would get your money back. 


  • Alabama 10.5-Pretty low by Bama's standard but a realistic number. USC should be tougher than the usual ooc matchups but an easy win. Georgia from the east on top of LSU, Auburn, and Texas AM isnt an easy schedule and with QB questions that makes sense. I wouldnt bet on Bama winning 11 this year. 
  • Florida 10.0-Florida hype is full on ahead. Georgia and LSU are the only games you look at on that schedule and think could be tough. Will be a team ranked higher than how good they are. I hate falling for the hype but I think they are better than LSU and winning that they may be double digit favorites in every other game but Georgia. 10.0 is safe because I dont see them going 9-3.
  • Georgia 10.0-I am shocked Florida and Georgia are tied and I think Georgia over is an easy bet. Georgia has Bama but no tough ooc game. Auburn and Florida are tough as well but 10.0 wins seems easy. No way they lose 3. Easy over imo
  • LSU 9.0-Texas, Bama, Auburn, AM, Florida. Under seems like the easy play because it would take some swamp magic to hit 10 wins. 
  • Texas AM 9.5-They have a higher win total than LSU. @Auburn, @Bama, and LSU are the only hard games but it would be tough to bet on them winning one of these and avoiding any other upset. I wouldnt touch it. 


  • Clemson 11.5-Highest total and it makes sense, without Lawrence they would be the favorite in every game. Awful schedule again. 11.5 is an over for me. 
  • FSU 7.5-Baby steps upward for FSU
  • Miami 9.0-Here is a higher number than I had expected. Miami was better than their record last year and added some serious players through the portal. They dont play Clemson and have @MSU ooc its a pretty easy schedule. Could be a sneaky good team. This high of a number makes me want to look into them more. 
  • Va Tech 8.0-I thought they would have a higher number based on basically every starter returning. They avoid Clemson but have PSU ooc. 

Pac 12

  • Oregon 9.5-Pac 12 favorite being under 10 wins is a little concerning for the conference. Having OSU non con along with USC, Washington and little faith in the QB position makes 9.5 interesting. 
  • USC 8.0-Another number I was surprised was this low. USC had been quietly hyped due to the talent that is still on this roster and at QB. Bama is an L, but they also have Notre Dame, @Oregon, Washington, Utah and ASU. Tough schedule. 
  • Washington 8.5-Michigan's big opponent and arguably the second best in the Pac 12. A new QB and a potential loss to Michigan make this tricky. But a win vs Michigan and it should be able to be cashed. 

Big 12

  • Oklahoma 10.0-Seems low for a contender. Tennessee and @Army are interesting but Texas, Ok State, and Iowa State could all be landmines.
  • OK State 8.5-Everybody back, an incredibly easy ooc, I can get to 7 wins before even getting to a coin flip with this schedule. I like the over. 
  • Texas 9.0-@LSU could put a real damper on a needed bounce back year for Herman. @KSU and Oklahoma are also in the first half. A slow start could see Herman out of Austin. 


  • Iowa 7.0-Iowa State ooc along with OSU and PSU from the east on top of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and nebraska. Tough schedule.
  • Minnesota 9.0-I just had a post about Minnesota. Easy ooc but Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska are in the way of hitting 10 wins. 
  • Wisconsin 9.5-Notre Dame and @Michigan outside of the west. 10 wins is a tough ask with that schedule. But they should be favorites in atleast 10 games. This is a razor sharp line I wouldnt touch it. 
  • Nebraska 6.5-A razor sharp line again. A manageable first 7 games but they have to beat Purdue and Cincinnati to get to 7 wins. After that they get PSU and OSU from the east along with the better west teams all in a row. 
  • OSU 11.0-Insane the line is at 11.0 with this schedule. Two road games against top 10 teams. I wouldnt bet but I think you are crazy to even think about the under. 
  • PSU 9.5-Surprisingly low number. @VTech, OSU, @Michigan are by far the hardest games and if they go 1-2 they still cover? Give me 9.5 for PSU all day. 
  • Michigan 9.0-Honestly it has to suck to be Harbaugh. They went 10-2 last year and it was seen as a dissapointment and now as a new core takes over they get @Washington, Wisconsin, PSU, @Minnesota, and @OSU. I dont see a path to 10 wins. 
  • Indiana 7.5-Most shocking number in the whole thing. WKU, Ball State, UCONN, Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, MSU, Purdue is what it would take to get the over barring any other upsets. Vegas is all in on Indiana. ​

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