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UM a Beacon of Greatness in a Sea of Cheaters????

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December 1, 2019 at 6:53pm

I stumbled across this lovely post that one of my friends on FB commented on and I gotta say... is it possible that UM fans have completely lost it? The title says it all, We are a beacon of greatness in a sea of cheaters and bagmen The post states, "We know all the other teams have the refs and recruits on the take.  Yet we take the field with the pure recruits, and coaches who play the right way, in a program that sets the standard for greatness in a league of cheaters - Never forget we are leaders and best!" 

The chaos ensues from there. The comments vary from equating the missed delay of game call on the Buckeyes (Which happened) being a sign of paying off refs, claiming that we "pay" our recruits and don't hold them to the highest academic standard, to logical acceptance that OSU is just better and moving on to basketball.

My question, does it make me a bad person that the utter dismay of UM fans just brightens my day? Spoiler alert... even if it does make me a bad person, I'm comfortable with my life decisions. 


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