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Stats for TTUN

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November 25, 2019 at 4:55pm

Nerd alert, but I have spent the year analyzing the TTUN performance data...some interesting points: 

  • TTUN has not played a team with a top 25 offense and top 25 defense this season. To my surprise, Indiana has the best collective offense and defense they have faced. 
  • When they line up against a team that has both a top 25 rush defense and top 25 pass defense, they really struggle. Iowa and Wisconsin in my opinion are comparable teams to what physicality we will bring. In both of those games, they were held to under 300 yards of offense. 
  • In each of their other games, they just pick apart the weak part of the defense and seem to abandon the other side of the offense. I am in no way saying this is bad, just something to consider when you go up against a defense who doesn't have a particularly weak area, this can be troubling (see Wisconsin and Iowa).  
  • In the last two games, passing yards have made up 80%+ of their total yards. This can be attributed to their struggle to run the ball, and some weaker secondaries. I am curious if the game-plan will continue this week.
  • Each team they have faced off against is allowed a minimum 100 yards more per game they we are, with Wisconsin being the one exception. 

These are just a few points. I have a whole spreadsheet of information, but would love to hear any stats that others have found interesting. It's really hard to analyze OSU because our starters get removed so early in the game, that many stats are inflated due to backups getting in. 

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