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Comment 22 Sep 2019

I think he makes some excellent points. I think it’s interesting that after 62-39, Hairball replaces his offensive coordinator but retains his defensive coordinator. 

I absolutely love watching this meltdown. They’ve turned on Hairball and we are in week 4. I’m just scared they are going to fire his ass. What’s better, they’re right in their way to ensure another championship-less season. 

Fuck them. 

Comment 18 Sep 2019

My only concern is if they remove the turnovers, Wisconsin’s defense is not good against speed. And they do have speed. Remember how good the Wisky Defense was in 2014 and 2017? 

If they can match scum score for score, I think they will ultimately win. But I have some reservations after who they’ve played. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I am 100% with you. Arnette has been bad for years, and all of a sudden people are comfortable with a one game performance. He is an absolute liability. It seems every time we give up a big pass, it’s more often than not Arnette who is trailing the receiver. As well, he talks so much shit. 

Glad he put together a good game, but I won’t be convinced he’s a new DB until he puts that showing up against real talent. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I know we want the backups in, but I hope our starters get a decent amount of snaps. The more experience they get together, the better long term result I feel we will have. The offensive line continues to get better, and I feel the more snaps they have to gel, the better we will be during Big Ten play. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

The coaches poll may be the most arbitrary poll. The AP poll at least creates a baseline for CFP rankings, but the coaches poll is referenced by literally no one. It’s hilarious to think the coaches have time to even think about who should be ranked where. 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

Maryland is also hilarious because they were such an offensive powerhouse after blowing out high school teams. 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

We have been in the playoff twice being in a conference..out of the 20 teams that have been in the playoffs, 19 have been part of conferences. 

I’ll take our chances in the B1G over playing as an independent. 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

How has it worked for ND? They have one playoff appearance, where they got absolutely shredded. 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

And for Alabama and Clemson, the requirement is to be Alabama and Clemson 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

Thats true. 

But you’re missing my point. My point is that while losing to those teams, beating a #4 team up north, top 10 Penn State, tough MSU on the road (and by 40+ the year prior) did nothing to offset that. A strong B1G did nothing for us. 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

I used to care about the rest of the conference (except the morons from the north). But what I’ve found is a strong B1G has done nothing to help us get into the playoff. 

At this point, I just want a competitive game against Wisconsin and to smoke the ever loving crap against team up north. 

Go Bucks

Comment 10 Sep 2019

I don’t disagree. However, if an accusation is made that would be life altering for the accused, the victims statements should be heavily scrutinized. Innocent until proven guilty, and it is the burden of the state to change a jury’s mind. 

Comment 08 Sep 2019

It wasn’t Harbaugh. There were some posts on Mgo of fans calling them war criminals. 

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Spot on. 

I choose to live on their ridiculous antics. It fuels the hate that ironically brings me so much joy. Hearing them call the Cadets “war criminals” just goes to show how pathetic and worthless that entire program is. And it’s been instilled by the weakest individual in College Football. Harbaugh used to refuse to play because the crowd was too loud. He calls teams cheaters when he can’t beat them. Of course they stoop so low as to disrespect the cadets. 

But what makes it all better is remembering the feeling of standing in 17C for 4 hours watching Urban Meyer, Ryan Day, and the Buckeyes choke Harbaugh out. And what’s better..I can’t wait until it happens again on November 30. 

F**ck Harbaugh and that worthless school from the north.