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If You Want New Teams in the Playoff, Here is Your Rooting Interest Guide

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November 6, 2019 at 12:35am

I'm leaving Ohio St out of this.

Root for LSU to beat Bama, Bama sos and sor are horrible and 1 loss knocks them out. Root for LSU to go undefeated as this assures only 1 sec team makes the playoff.

Root for Oregon and Utah to not drop a game until the PAC 12 title game. The winner would obviously get an invite as a 1 loss conference champ.

Root for Baylor to go undefeated. Baylor as an undefeated conference champions would make the playoff.

Root for Clemson to drop a game. While this is highly unlikely do to the acc being absolute Doo Doo, it would ensure Clemson gets no where near the playoff.

If all of this plays out like this you would have Ohio St or LSU at 1 and 2 with Utah/Oregon 3 and Baylor 4.


I think some people got the wrong idea about this post.

Trust me I would love to smack down Bama again, and give Clemson the beating they deserve.

However, the playoff has grown stale, and new teams would make it more interesting.

I think Ohio St beats everyone anyway so it doesn't matter. Just feel like you would get more enjoyment out of seeing some new teams make it in

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