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Who Will Win a National Title First, a Pac-12 Team, Non-OSU B1G Team, or Non-Clemson ACC Team?

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October 8, 2019 at 6:30pm

A bye week question that isn't If OSU will win the title game by 40 points or 50 points. So who wins the title first between all PAC 12 schools, all B1G schools except OSU and all ACC schools except Clemson. In my opinion it really comes down to USC, Washington, Michigan, Penn State, Miami, and Florida State.

I think it would be Florida State, once they fire Taggart and hire an actual football coach the talent base in Florida is too good to not get back to the top soon. The same could be said of Miami but since OSU ended their dynasty I really don't see them coming all the way back anytime soon. 

Michigan and PSU won't be able to out recruit Day and on the off chance one of them sneaks a win I still think they would be too far from winning a playoff. It is crazy USC hasnt made a playoff yet but in this new age of college football where most of the talent is in a few choice schools they wont be able to get better lineman than B1G/SEC schools to have a chance of winning a playoff. 

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