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Ttun Fans Still Dont Get It

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September 8, 2019 at 12:07am

They think that they can just install a new offense and all will be well and fine.

They still dont get it, for the last 9 years they have recruited for an under center, fullback using offense.

They have recruited some nice receivers but really outside of DPJ, what receiver of theirs would even sniff the field here? The answer is none.

They think charbonnet is a great back. He had to run the ball 33 times against Army to get to 100 yards. 33 rushing attempts for 100 yards is roughly 3 yards per carry.

I guess they still feel 3 yards and a cloud of dust is revolutionary.

They thought Shea Patterson was going to light the world on fire, now they think Dylan will light it up.

They still do not understand, they think when they get a 3 star recruit he's really a 4 star and nobody else sees it.

They think Ed Warriner is going to fix all the problems on their o-line, but when youre handed a pile of crap, it doesn't turn into diamond.

They still think Don't Brown is the greatest d coordinator of all time yet he's been figured out and still nothing has changed.

They still believe Harbaugh is some qb guru wizard when he isn't.

They'll never understand, they will never figure it out. They cling to all time win records that recruits dont care about. They cling to academics when you can get as good of a degree from Ohio St and have better job options. They dont understand most recruits want to be developed for the nfl.

This is why they will never win a title again, its why recruits don't see the game as a rivalry anymore.

They talk about #speedinspace yet they dont have any speed to put in space.

They've really just become pathetic, and seeing some of their fans call Army Cadets war criminals has really just made me want them kicked out of the big ten.

For everyone who wants to see ttun win every game except the last, just stop, we dont need them. This isnt the 2000's where the bcs was in place and SOS was a big factor. We should root for them to lose every game from here to eternity, or until football ceases to exist whichever comes first.

We should not respect them, at all.

They will never understand, nor do I ever want them too. I hope Harbaugh fails and is fired, because I want that last flicker of light to finally go out on them. To realize they will never be on Ohio States level again.

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