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Ohio St vs UM Since 1950.

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May 24, 2019 at 1:32am

Got into a lively debate on Instagram with a TTUN fella who kept boasting about TTUN's overall winning record against Ohio St, number of wins, titles, etc and it got me thinking. I always knew Ohio St has been better but I wanted the numbers to back it up and if you've seen my previous posts, you can tell I like compiling statistics.

  Michigan Ohio St
Record 547-235 604-173
National Title 1 7
Conference Title 23 29
Bowl Record 19-26 23-24
Heisman 2 6
Players Drafted 316 353
Current NFL players 40 59
Head to head wins 28 39(40)*

*2011 included in (). Also does not include the 1 tie.

As you can see in literally every statistical category, Ohio State is leading by a wide margin.


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