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Comment 22 Mar 2019

Jr is playing in college. He's not on the level of Lebron or other phenoms coming out of HS. I know he's got a lot of time but he's 4-5inches shorter than Lebron was at his age. 

Comment 22 Mar 2019

When Patterson got his waiver last year, I knew it was open season and I was/am okay with it. It's not a big deal IMO. The game changes and that's just part of it. Everything will adapt and it will settle and fall into a groove. Just as it will with the early signing day (which I actually don't think is a fantastic idea, See the Bru McCoy situation with USC/Texas). 

I'm more waiting for the AAF. AFL, CFL, XFL, etc to target their games to recruiting high school kids, paying them/paying for school/whatever the case is or will be. If the AAF produces some NFL players in a year or two I'd be willing to bet we see some interest from High School kids who want to get paid if the AAF is really to accept them.

Comment 20 Mar 2019

I'll add this, I'm not sure what wanting to have sex with someone has to do with being "pathetic" or having "serious character issues" but your high and mighty act is garbage. 

Also, who was the last current NFL player to serve jail time? So your "fullest extent of the law" argument is shit as well. 

Comment 20 Mar 2019

“Human trafficking is no joke”

so you think he helped traffick the girls in? 

Your lack of knowledge of the legal system when it comes to first time offenders is crazy.

as far as the players go, since when does the NFL need a guilty verdict (or even charges pressed) to discipline anyone? The actual legal system and NFL punishments aren’t comparable. 

Comment 20 Mar 2019

Tenn hasnt signed anyone from St Jones in the last 4 years and only 1 in 5 years.  In fact they've only signed/have committed 1 player from MD and that is in the 2020 class. He's from St Francis. 

Comment 19 Mar 2019

The plan has to be moving him to Guard. Between Wylper, Harry Miller and Matthew Jones (though 247 does have Jones listed as a OT now) I'd say our Center group is pretty well set. 

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Gattis has the potential to be a good hire. however his only real job offer was from Maryland when he left Bama. He was essentially 3rd in line when it came to the offense (not including Saban) so they essentially hired a first time OC who is their new savior... Not sure if I am quiet sold or not. 

If he's as good as they think he is, they'll be good. Their OL will still be garbage though and that will limit their offensive game anyways. 

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Tenn fans are excited because he visited 2 weeks ago. Doesnt make much sense though since he's only been there once. I'm much more worried about Clemson and UGA than I am UT. 

Comment 18 Mar 2019

Would hate to see him fall so far down because it will hurt him in his pocket but I hope he does (Not to mention he's a better QB than anyone else in this draft by a large margin) the later in the round he goes, the better situation he will be in and with the Giants offloading OBJ, keep him out of NY. That franchise has officially sank to the worst in the NFL.

Comment 18 Mar 2019

I don't think we can really say accurately. We've seen Baker for 4 years now while we've seen Haskins for 1. 

Comment 18 Mar 2019

I listened to the Podcast with him and 2 other guys every week for 8 months. Once the other two left (I forget their names) it was unlistenable. 

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Talent evaluators don't see all 300,000 players, that is a given. They watch uploaded film/tape, games, talk to coaches, etc and get a feel for who to watch and who they're looking for.

A coach see's a player he likes, has them work out for him in person and etc, not to mention he's a true professional of the game. While the writers are just that, writers. 

As far as the 350 vs 410 goes, there is little distinction in that and that is obvious but if you pick say a 5 vs 65, there will likely be a large difference. 

The only set number of stars is 5 stars (and that's not really always 32 either) the number of 3 and 4 stars vary quite a bit. However you position weakness measure to stars doesnt work. We've been 2 QB's be ranked in the top 2 and we've seen none ranked in the top 15. It's like that with every position. Being the best in the position doesnt matter since their is no 5 or 4 star quota on specific positions. 

Also, check this thread out.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

I can't help it. What Saban has done is damn impressive. He's won a title in damn near ever evolution of the game since he's started coaching. The sustained success, elite recruiting and hungriness he still has is crazy. He really is the GOAT. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Zach Smith was a shit coach, bad husband and an irresponsible man but the dude isnt uncommonly evil or bad. (may not be that unpopular here)

Meyer was getting too comfortable the longer he was HC. he put loyalty over success and winning national titles. With the talent we had/have there is no way we shouldnt have made the playoffs every year. We're now starting to see the effects of that in Clemsons recruiting becoming elite and essentially taking the guys we want (Sherman and Breese for example). I was calling for Meyer to step down when it was announced he was suspended because I felt it was just a matter of time. I am glad the team was able to get him "the big one" in a Rose Bowl Championship though.

I don't feel schools should pay the players anymore than they already do. They should be able to use their likeness and/or status to make money if someone is willing to pay them. 

I like Bama. If you're a real football fan it's hard not too.