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Top 25 Coaches in CFB

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March 5, 2019 at 11:25am

Stew Mandel released his annual list over on the Athletic (paywalled, so I won't link).

His top five are Saban, Dabo, Petersen, Riley, Kelley.

B1G coaches: Dantonio (14), Franklin (15), Fitzgerald (17), Brohm (22), Frost (25).  Note that he has a policy of not ranking guys with tiny sample sizes, so there's no Day now just like there wasn't a Riley last year.  But hopefully he's high on this list next year.

I'd personally put Smart in the top five, and I think Brohm should be closer to 10, but other than that I guess I can't disagree too much.

Also notable? It appears that the shine has *finally* worn off of Harbaugh.

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