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Looking at the New Playoff Committee Members(Guess Which Region They Are From)

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January 17, 2019 at 2:43pm

The new members of the committee are R.C. Slocum, Terry Mohajir, and Ray Odierno. Slocum coached for Texas A&M and will likely be biased for the SEC, it has been reported coaches normally have the strongest voice on the committee. Mohajir is the AD for Arkansas State and originally from Kansas, he went to school and has worked mostly in SEC country. Odierno is the chairman for USA Football, a very good source for drills and schematics that many coaches use, he is also a decorated veteran of the military, he is from New Jersey and went to West Point, so he should have Rutgers bias. So we are adding two people with southern bias and one person who is not connected to any conference. They are replacing Jeff Bower, former HC and layer at Southern Miss, Herb Deromedi former HC at Central Michigan, and Bobby Johnson who played for Clemson and coached for Vanderbilt. So basically they will still be very old, the southern people are replaced by southern people, and the midwestern person is replaced by a neutral person who has never played or coached football. 

Rob Mullens will still be the chairman and he did an awful job giving us no transparency. We likely will still need to go undefeated to get in unless we can squeeze in a few quality losses to SEC teams. Of the 13 members two have any kind of Midwest bias, one is Gene Smith who is not able to discuss OSU and the other is Paolo Boivan who graduated from Illinois but she has lived on the west coast working for Arizona State for decades. Great system we have found ourselves with. Hopefully this year we can prove to the Southern powers we deserve a shot to play with the big boys!

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