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B1G Schedulers Really Don't Want to Make the Playoff in 2019(Looking at Wisky,PSU,TTUN,MSU,OSU Schedules)

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December 3, 2018 at 6:41pm

As frustrating as Jim Delaney giving the committee a pat on the back after leaving his champion out 3 years in a row is, This is much more frustrating. Next year with two byes for everybody the schedules shouldn't have too many crazy stretches. Guess which conference is screwing their top 5 programs? I get we have 9 conference games and the B1G East is a gauntlet but this is awful. The most egregious by far is our last two weeks and what they did to Michigan is just idiotic. The SEC sets up its best teams to succeed and their worst teams to make bowl games. Average teams in the SEC schedule 4 easy wins and then if they go 4-4 in conference they are top 25(Mississippi State, Mizzou) Go 5-3 in conference? Congrats top 10!(Florida, LSU) Cant wait for the 8 team playoff this is a joke. Penn State went 6-3 in conference and is behind both of those teams. 5-4 Iowa isn't even ranked

Michigan plays Notre Dame OOC, if they won this year OSU would be in. Obviously it helps the B1G to win this game. They play Notre Dame next year week 9. Before this game they are @Penn State(!!) are you kidding me? guess who Notre Dame has the week before? a bye. This win is pivotal for the playoff debate. 

OSU the standard bearer and most likely playoff team has it even worse. We are vs PSU the week before @Michigan. Whoever came up with that should have been fired on the spot. Our Byes are also very close having just two games in between them. 

PSU get the lovely task of going @Iowa, Michigan, @Michigan State in a row. That is basically one loss playing that rough of a stretch. 

Wisconsins 3 cross overs are Michigan Ohio State and Michigan State. 2017 was the most ideal situation with a 12-0 Wisconsin out of the west and OSU out of the East. If both teams have 1 loss in the B1G conference championship it basically forces the committee to take the winner. Instead Wisconsin will probably go 9-3. Amazing they couldn't figure out a way to not play 3 of the top 4 in the east. 

Michigan State plays @OSU @Wisconsin Penn State in a row lmao RIP to the spartans. Dont worry to much about them November consists of a bye, Illinois, Rutgers, and Maryland. Good thing they didn't get it spread out more.


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