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Fowler and Herbstreit

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September 30, 2018 at 9:01am

I have always like Fowler. I read here some didn't. I appreciate his enthusiasm and don't see him as a hater as others do. He was however wrong last night a few times. Like Dobbins crossing the yellow line with his upperbody, the elbow out with the ball tucked in it and Fowler exploded with the stop. He is just wrong. But that isn't my point. I thought he was out of bounds and so was Herbie questioning the play call. That is our job, not the broadcaster. They both were on this point at the end why Penn State lost. They said it should have gone in the hands of McSorely. It did you clowns. He took the snap. It was a read option. McSorely could have kept it. We all know a mobile slippery runner like that always has the green light. But he didn't. McSorely handed it to a runner who runs a lot harder than him.  So maybe that is a small defense of Franklin.

It is our job to criticize play calling from the arm chair. Not his.

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