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B1G Record Payout Confirmed

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June 22, 2018 at 12:29pm

It's safe to assume OSU will get the same $51M payout as TTUN. This should be Nebraska's first year for a full share. Rutgers & Maryland will be interesting. Also note the conference payout for FY19 is projected to be over $52M due to increased conference TV revenues. I find that interesting given Comcast dropping the Big Ten Network in a lot of areas. There is an article in the WSJ today about how much Comcast hates Fox, using the YES network as an example. On the other hand, it is a national political year and the economy is booming. I guess they expect additional advertising revenue. Other interesting items in the footnotes:

1. TTUN makes $5.9M in ticket revenue per game. Why play at a neutral site for less?

2. They are making $2M hosting a soccer game. 

3. Footnote nine shows a decrease in revenue from the football video series. Does this mean no season two of Something or Nothing on Amazon Prime? I would be very curious to see viewing statistics by episode. I'd bet heavily on the schadenfreude-laden episode eight leading the way.

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