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Proposal Allowing Players to Transfer Immediately After Coaching Change Picks Up Steam

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January 30, 2018 at 2:00pm

Here's a proposal that could radically alter the landscape of college football.

From Dennis Dodd of

Athletes would be allowed to transfer schools without restriction if their coach were fired or left for another job as part of sweeping proposal that is making its way through Division I, CBS Sports has learned. However, athletes would not be permitted to follow the departing coach to their new program.

The proposal, which originated from the Big 12, would also allow athletes to transfer without sitting out a season (as currently mandated by NCAA rules) in the event a postseason ban is handed down by the NCAA as punishment to their program.

The traditional academic "year in residence" for transfers in all other situations would still be in place and extended to every sport. Presently, that is only a requirement in five NCAA sports.

Ultimately this would benefit teams like Ohio State, who have almost tenured coaches that can then pluck from the fat of other teams.

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