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ALL B1G Basketball Team, Past 30 Years.

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January 21, 2018 at 12:39pm

I've watched college basketball, since the mid 1980's. And have always enjoyed the B1G conference, and don't really hate the same conference teams, I do in football.
Putting together an all conference team, of the past 3 decades, I came up with:
C: Greg Oden
PF: Glen Robinson, Purdue
SF: Jim Jackson
SG: Glen Rice, Michigan
PG: drawing a blank here, wish it could have been LeBron James, if had went to Ohio State....Rural Robinson, Mateen Cleeves???? I'm thinking maybe Evan Turner, but don't know if I'm overlooking somebody.
Who you got, starting 5?
Looking to me like OSU may have 60% of the Tri-Decade team wrapped up.
But I could be wrong, as usual, lol.

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