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Mike Norvell to Florida State

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December 13, 2019 at 10:54am

This was a quiet hire, which says something about the state of the FSU program. But I think it's a good hire

I'm thinking what this means for AAC as Fickell will likely continue to build Cincy up.

Watching the Cincinnati/Memphis game, I see why Norvell is a hot commodity, albeit he seems like a shady coach to me. I have nothing to base this on just a gut feeling.

On the other hand, Cincinnati's play was at times frustrating, which is why I'm remaining objective as to how well Fickell would coach at the next level. As calm as his demeanor is, his players tend to get a bit unglued under pressure. And at times it seems they got a bit conservative and it reminded me of Tressel ball. But in all fairness his team is dinged-up and there was some flashes of open ball. That was a decently coached game and he had Cincy in the game. His receivers dropped a lot of balls and the refs continue to make me scratch my head.

I think Fickell does need to get a new OC and hopefully retain Freeman for another year or two.

I think Norvell will make FSU relevant again, but I hope the best for Fickell. I think he can dominate the AAC but will remain open minded about his future at the next level. I'd hate for him to be the next OSU coach during our down years. I'd rather him go to ND or MSU. 

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