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Buckeyes, VPN and Watching Abroad - What Works?

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October 14, 2019 at 10:40am

As a follow-on to an earlier post on ways to watch Buckeyes abroad and I thought I'd start a thread on what VPNS have worked for people.

Sportssurge is nice but not always solid in terms of speed in my experience.

For those not familiar with VPNs it can be thought of as a tunnel that connects you to a server somewhere, encrypting traffic so your ISP does not know where you are actually connecting and the site you connect to sees the IP address as the remote server. This allows you to appear to be in the US when you are not physically there.

I travel a bit for work (am in Africa right now) and have used VPNs successfully for a while. It's seems to be a bit of cat and mouse as one that worked 6 months ago may be blacklisted by US sites now.

My recent experience:

NordVPN: Rock solid VPN but it appears more sites such as ESPN are able to recognize and block their servers. Can't watch ESPN/YouTubeTV in Africa.

Lockdown (iPhone / iPad) Actually 2 apps in one; a firewall and a VPN. The firewall is free and the VPN runs about $5 a month. It is open source and from the developer of Duet. I am testing it in Africa and so far could use my YouTubeTV app to watch shows with no issues. They have a free trial.

What have other used that worked, and where? Or didn't work?

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