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Reaching out to My Fellow Dayton 11Wers.

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August 7, 2019 at 2:48pm

I know we're a non-political society here on 11W and that the days since the mass shooting in Dayton's Oregon District have sparked a million and 1 debates about gun legislature.

I don't want to go there, the political beings surrounding me and my hometown (our hometown if you're in the Gem City) are doing a good enough arguing about that. I just want to post publicly my love for my city, I encourage any of you in the area to do the same.

I had 1 friend at Ned Pepper's Sunday morning, his name is Jeremy, he's a bouncer at Ned Pepper's, and is actually being heralded as a hero for being one of the first folks to recognize just what was happening and ushering a ton of people back inside from the patio of NP's. He wasn't shot, he barred the door of the club so Betts couldn't get inside, and he took some shrapnel from the attack. 

The Oregon District is a place that has, at times, been a second home to me. I'm a musician, immersed in the arts scene of the area for most of my life. Played shows wit various bands at Blind Bob's (and the Nite Owl before it switched names), I've played at Oregon Express, had beers at Toxic Brew, got tattooed at Rebel Rebel and other tattoo studios that have been open down there at various times, had sushi at Thai 9, and bought vinyl at Omega.

Our city is tough, and strong, and we will heal. Much love to any Daytonians still healing from this horrible event. Brighter days are ahead.


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