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Looking for a New (Dad) Car

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July 16, 2019 at 1:51pm

Fellow warriors, I am in the early stages of looking to upgrade cars. The wife and I are hopefully starting a family soon, so I need something that will accommodate a car seat (not looking to upgrade again in the next few years). I currently drive a 14 Chevy Cruze. I am looking for something affordable (around 20k)

My current list of cars I would like to go test drive:

- Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon. I would love to get a truck, but my wife is not a fan of full size. This seems like something we both would enjoy (she has an Equinox). My biggest worry is fitting a car seat and the passenger still having leg room

- Nissan Altima/Maxima. A larger car with more leg room as well as gizmos and gadgets. 

- I honestly love my wife's 18 Chevy Equinox. I am not sold on having 2 of the same vehicles, as I think we could use the truck bed, or the better mileage of a car from time to time. But am not opposed to an SUV.


Lay it on me parents, or newer car owners. I will take all positive and negative info you can provide me. Thanks!

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